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Compare 12 Differences in What You Can Do With These Artificial Intelligence Chats

We’ve got a comparison for you Differences between artificial intelligence chat The most prominent of which are Google Bard, ChatGPT and Bing Chat. We are going to compare three free versions, so we will not have ChatGPT Plus with GPT-4, but the version with GPT-3.5 that is offered for free.

The idea of ​​this article is that you can Know what you can do with each other, and that’s how you understand the main differences. Here, remember that although it is not yet available, you have a trick to try The Bard from Spain via VPN.

In this article we are going to focus on things the bard can do the other two can’t Or those you do differently. Google’s AI isn’t always going to come out on top, but that’s just so you know what it offers compared to its other contenders.

Access to updated data

If you’re going to use AI chat to get your questions answered, it’s very important that the chat is up to date. For example, if you want to ask about a recent event, the chat should contain data about it.

In this aspect, chatgpt is out of date and their knowledge was last updated in September 2021. meanwhile, Google Bard and Bing Chat provide up-to-date information With recent events based on content found in their search engines.

Source transparency

Is it possible to know where these chats get their information from? Well it depends which one you use. Bing Chat is the most transparent it’s ever been Because at the end of each answer he gives you the sources from where he got the information.

Google Bard has an option to Google the question you asked, so you can see general results of where the information is sourced from, although it is not so transparent as to where it sourced each piece of data. Meanwhile, ChatGPT doesn’t give a clue where it got the information.

Explain the content of a website or article

Three artificial intelligence bots enabled Explain the content of a website or link, Simply, you have to ask them to explain what they are about by adding the URL to the article or specific web page, and they will give you a short summary.

Alternative answer

If there’s an answer that doesn’t convince you, Bard has the option to view other drafts, This means that you can see up to three answers that it generated for you before choosing one, and you can explore others if you like them better.

Bing Chat and ChatGPT won’t show these drafts, Alternatively, however, you can ask them to rewrite it by specifying how you want the results to change. You can do this with Bard as well.

Audio request

ChatGPT was the first big AI chat to come to us, and the conversation with it is purely textual. however, Bard and Bing Chat let you set your prompts With audio prompts, it’s easy to use when you don’t want to type.

Edit your prompt

Bard gives you the opportunity Edit your written prompts without rewriting them, When you do, the result of the reaction will also change. This can help you when writing long prompts and you only want to change small things about them.

ChatGPT and Bing Chat can’t do this, With them, all you have to do is copy the desired prompt, modify it, and retype it as a new prompt. But the results in your feed don’t update, they just appear anew with information from the new prompt.

Write in text formats

Although Bing Chat and ChatGPT cannot, Google Bard can create text with specific text formats, For example, they can let you write in Word, PDF, or HTML format to make it easier to copy and paste later.

Languages ​​you can use it in

Here comes the point where Bard loses the languages ​​it can be used in. Bard is only available in English This time, and it may take a while before it’s usable with other languages.

Whereas, ChatGPT and Bing Chat can be used in Spanish and in many other languages, including many other indigenous languages ​​that exist in Spain. You can also use it in many other languages ​​like French, Chinese, Arabic, Japanese, or Italian.

Explain the code

One of the advantages of Bard with which it surpasses its two competitors is that can you explain the code?, This can help you if you’re learning programming, as you can paste a piece of code and ask it to generate detailed descriptions or ask questions about it.

Age restriction

If you’re going to use Google Bard with a Google Account that indicates you’re a minor, you’ll find Access restricted to under 18s, This means that only people of legal age will be able to use Google’s AI.

According to the company, they do this because they want to incorporate their own AI principles kids can’t do homework With the help of an assistant who does it for them. Meanwhile, Bing Chat and ChatGPT currently do not have these restrictions.

Different styles of writing

Three AI bots allow you to create content with different writing styles, There’s no difference here, you just have to specify the style you want in the sign you write for them.

Also all three are capable explain things to you while playing a character, Here perhaps Bard is a little behind in interpretation, not quite so wet when it comes to portraying the character, but he is capable of doing so.

Plan your trips with AI

And finally, there are also differences when planning trips with AI. In all three you’ll be able to ask the chat to tell you about the top sights of the destination you’re visiting, so you can get ideas for organizing the places you visit on your trip.

however, Bard and Bing Chat can find you flights and transportation for specific days between specific cities. Here, the best that comes out is Bing Chat, which shows you the format of the travel configuration module, although Bard gives you direct results and schedules.

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