Comparisons Between Genshin Impact And Breath Of The Wild Brought Developers To Tears

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The president of Hoyverse (formerly miHoYo) admits that comparisons to Zelda: Breath of the Wild were a tough rock during Genshin Impact’s first beta.

There is no doubt that Zelda: Breath of the Wild is one of the best games ever made, having influenced many other titles in recent years. is one of them genshin effect A huge success of the F2P scene on PC, PlayStation and mobile devices.

It was inescapable from the very first moment I saw Genshin Impact. Several elements of it remind us a lot of the Nintendo Switch exclusive, Just like Immortals Phoenix Rising,

And that’s not a negative thing, far from it. However, for a risky project committed to a “as a service” format, the comparison can be difficult.

That’s what happened with Genshin Impact and its development studio, Hoyverse (formerly known as miHoYo). it’s too much Due to the comparison with GOTY 2017 its developers had a very bad time,

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At a presentation event (Genshin Impact FES) in China, Hoyverse’s president talks about this difficult phase of the studio in which he felt the game was going to flop.

Genshin Impact hasn’t always been successful

Nowadays, we all know Genshin Impact, and we know that it is one of the most popular F2P games in the world. What’s more, a version was also announced for the Nintendo Switch… which we’ve known about without knowing for years.

At the launch event in Shanghai, President Liu Wei Genshin opens up about his journey with Impact, and appreciates the overwhelming support he has received from the community.

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Genshin Impact also had its tough moments. hand in hand tokinohikaru_00 On Twitter, we can read a translation of what Wei said, which is more revealing than it sounds.

At no point did he mention Zelda Breath of the Wild But it is a fact that it refers to the Nintendo Switch special (the stage it talks about).

,When I released the closed beta, I was very proud. But the closed beta response was different from our assumptions, totally different. We faced an unprecedented crisis in the studio when we did closed beta,

Many players were dismayed by the similarities between Genshin Impact and Breath of the Wild. it’s too much Still remember the incident of 2019 Which many people came to see with Zelda games.

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,I remember many young colleagues crying and asking me, ‘Why is this happening? where did we go wrong?”, without a doubt, it must have been very difficult for the developers of F2P.

Time has been kind to Genshin Impact, giving a chance to a game that is heading towards version 4.0. (Coming next week, with a new area), and from which we can expect many more.

Do you play Genshin Impact regularly? Available in successful F2P PC, PS5, PS4 and Mobile Device, and at the moment we do not know anything about the version for Nintendo Switch. We should also highlight the success of Honkai: Star Rail, their other F2P on PC.


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