Comptroller warns road accidents cost health system more than $530,000 million

Comptroller warns road accidents cost health system more than $530,000 million

This Monday, December 11, the Comptroller General of the Republic (CGR) will share a report that shows how road accidents have become an “epidemic” that claims the lives of an average of 19 people every day.

This report, which will be presented at the Road Safety Forum organized by the same control body, reveals that deaths in traffic accidents take more lives than “war and violence” in the regions.

This was confirmed at 6AM HOY por HOY on Caracol Radio by the vice comptroller acting as Comptroller General, Carlos Mario Zuluaga, who called to deal with this scourge that has strong implications for the health system.

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“Colombia has faced this phenomenon for many years. However, it is a public health problem that must be classified as an epidemic due to the number of deaths it permanently causes. Which mostly exceeds those of violence ,” explained Zuluaga.

The official explained that the main objective is to reduce the number of victims of road accidents through strong public policies and coordination between different entities.

At the same time, the goal is to stop this plague from “bleeding” the health system every year with figures that exceed $530,000 million.

“The National Road Safety Agency (ANSV) has 32,000 injuries reported every year and if one goes to review the Resource Administrator of the General Health Social Security System (Adres) there are 800,000 attentions every year. Which means that we cannot make an assessment of good management of the ANSV,” said the vice comptroller.

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Finally, he pointed out that the expectation is that the country will have a deeper debate about road safety and acknowledged that accidents among the minor population have increased by 11%.

In that sense, he reiterated that this is an issue that allows for preventive care, as long as the same importance is given to other events that produce a lower number of deaths.