Conacyt and BUAP celebrate the human right to knowledge


BUAP celebrates in conjunction with the National Council of Science and Technology (Conacyt), the Forum of the initiatives of the General Law on Humanities, Sciences, Technologies and Innovation (LGHCTI), whose mechanisms contribute to guarantee the exercise of Mexicans. this is the right of science.

The vice-rector of teaching of the Great House of Studies, Jaime Vázquez López, who represented the director Lilia Cedillo, acknowledged the efforts of Conacyt to open the initiative to consultation, contention, reflection and participation of the academic and scientific communities.

“This initiative, which brings us together today, represents a great model in which the institution, academic and scientific in our country is conceived. This is a change that shakes up the structures and ways of working, which has set back the efforts of academic institutions for many decades, in addition to the fact that it is taking place in the context of great changes at the global level.”

The enterprise conceives of science as a common good “the spirit of progress in basic, limited and applied science will form the basis of the scientific and technological dominance that our country must have;” that is, he conceives basic and borderline sciences as the support of applied sciences.

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It also promotes universal access to scholarships for postgraduate students in all areas of knowledge, educated in public institutions and in those who are now part of the National Postgraduate system, prioritizing support for low-income students.

In that speech, the General Manager of Conacyt, Maria Elena Álvarez-Buylla Roces, highlighted that this initiative promotes the transfer of HCTI knowledge to broad and productive social sectors, public and private, to the great challenges facing the country. .

“Mexico HCTI requires communities, as in its public universities, committed to the work of human solidarity, freedom, dignity and support to achieve and help complete the national scientific and technological kingdom.”

The head of Conacyti indicated that, unlike the administrations of the past, it is a historic opportunity to confirm “the right of all people to enjoy the benefits of the development of science and its connection with the progress of humanity and technology, which makes our country a leading nation.” “.

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Among other benefits of the LGHCTI project, he indicated that he respects the epistemological openness with the great traditional knowledge that provides cultural roots and valuable technological experiences. In addition, it provides that the funding of the HCTI is public development and not regressive, considering the participation of subnational governments and the private sector, with clear rules and common objectives regarding the national agenda.

Conacyt Deputy Director of Scientific Development, Andrés Eduardo Triana Moreno, added that it is important to have spaces for dialogue to communicate and understand the main results of this LGHCTI initiative.

“This proposal responds to the constitutional mandate, which reorients and restructures all the legislative process and efforts, placing the concept of the public at the center of the debate, how we understand knowledge from public spaces and who are involved, builders and partners. himself.”

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Responding to the common concerns expressed by the BUAP, the head of Conacyt Legal Business Unit, Raymundo Espinoza Hernández, declared that this institution will not disappear; on the other hand, to promote scientific research and technological development, a humanistic vision is also strengthened.

He emphasized that the incentives and public financing of the HCTI carried out by the Mexican State will grow gradually without considering possible returns, based on the principles of efficiency, effectiveness, austerity, economy, transparency and honesty.

Finally, he confirmed that the initiative is a consensus and participation that contemplates the voices and opinions of more than 70,000 people and institutions of all regions, which have been added over four years. Also, it shows that in order to construct the LGHCTI project, the content of the five projects offered before the legislative power by various institutions and parliamentary groups should be taken into account, using really viable objectives.


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