Concerns “Israel and US-Russian Aid to Iran in Satellite Technology”

Cooperation and progress in this area worries Zionists and Americans. The Russian agency Roscosmos has developed a remote sensing satellite that will provide the Iranians with accurate space data for various uses.

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the possibility that Iran uses intelligence and technology to advance nuclear “Israel” and the United States, according to the newspaper Jerusalem Post.

According to the publication “For the second time in three months, Russia talks about its assistance to the Iranians in satellite technology, a cooperation and progress that worries the Zionists and the Americans, as it can be applied to the launch of nuclear weapons.” as well as the potential for substantial improvements in intelligence collection”.

He also states that “Russian agency, Roscosmos, developed a remote sensing satellite that will provide Iran with accurate location data to improve agricultural productivity, monitor water resources and mines, manage natural disasters.”

He also cited reports that “the satellites will help with border surveillance and other unspecified uses. This is part of what causes concern for both Israel and the northern country.”

Washington Post announced in mid-June that Russia was preparing to provide an advanced satellite that could track military targets across the Middle East.

At the time, Russian President Vladimir Putin denied the report, calling it “nonsense”.

It should be noted that the Russian space agency Roscosmos announced on Wednesday that it will launch the Iranian Khayyam satellite into space on August 9.


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