Confessed in front of Marshanda, open disclosure of missing in America


Friday, August 5th 2022 – 07:44 WIB

live showbiz Some time ago, the figure of artist Marshanda caused a stir in the public of the country when she was reported missing in Los Angeles, United States. A woman named Kaka has finally stirred up many controversies by accusing her of only being sensationalist.

So, what really happened then? And how often does Marshanda experience psychiatric disorders?

Now, the former child artist has finally not hesitated to open up his voice about the controversy that struck him a while back.

Through her YouTube account, Marshanda also explained what really happened in that horrific moment.

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Marshanda was rumored to have gone missing in the United States by her best friend, Sheila Salsabila. In the end, he admitted that was not true.

Marshanda was disappointed when she told her story some time ago. He realized that his vacation in the United States was doomed immediately.

“Everything was ruined, I told you I was tapering off my medications (dose reduction), a lot of people knew about my mission, but it wasn’t until a week before I moved to L.A. “ Marshanda said in her speech on the Marshed YouTube account on Thursday, August 4, 2022.


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