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Conservatives settle Johnson’s succession away from social reality

The Kuiper rock is a region of the Solar System that extends from the orbit of Neptune to a distance of fifty astronomical units from the Sun, the objects in it are called trans-Neptunian and provide important information about the history and evolution. of the universe. less than two lakh militants tories who is going to decide the next British prime minister this summer is also kind of ranneptunians , They have nothing to do with the Earthlings struggling to make ends meet, but they do offer a glimpse into how the UK, on ​​its journey from planet Thatcher to the planet Brexit, has reached this crossroads in its history. .

Boris Johnson’s campaign for succession appears to confirm the adage that individual insanity is an exception, but mass insanity is relatively frequent. And also the principles that the Conservatives are very clear about the interest of the party, but not so much about the interest of the country. The battle between Sage Sunak and Liz Truss quickly turned into an auction at Sotheby’s to see who offered the highest and fastest waiving taxes, and two decades of austerity left public services in the bones. Have given.

External Affairs Minister promises miracles of higher public spending as well as lower taxes

The country (Kuiper or whoever) is on the edge of a cliff. Fifty-page forms for six hours in line for crossing the English Channel by ferry in Dover and for importing or exporting any products due to Brexit; Seven million citizens on waiting lists for operations; ten weeks to renew passport, and driver’s license six months (or more); three years for a specialist to see an autistic child for the first time; One hour for an ambulance to assist a person having a heart attack; garbage in the streets; collapsed educational, health and judicial systems; Public transport strike, doctors, nurses, lawyers…; An environmental crisis that broke all summer records; Chronic lack of housing and skyrocketing prices that make it impossible for the youth to buy a flat; overcrowded food banks; supply problems; More people are unemployed than in the labor market; The G7’s weakest economic growth, low productivity and chronic lack of investment.

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And against this background, Truss and Sunak in particular are engaged in negotiations with 180,000 militants tories (mainly whites, from rural England, on average about sixty years old) Who is going to decide who is the next premier among them. His interests are those of retirees (particularly pensions commensurate with rising cost of living) and his mindset, Thatcherite. Though Thatcher remained in power for a decade and when he finally lowered taxes, he initially raised them, completely leaving the tax burden as he had inherited it.

The former Chancellor of the Exchequer alleges that he is the de facto “son of Thatcher” because of his financial prudence.

Truss and Sunk dispute the title of Iron Lady’s heirs with the same indignation as Logan Roy’s Children in his Media Empire series. succession , The foreign minister combs her hair like hers, wears blue clothes and a bag like hers, and imitates her mannerisms. It would reduce rates by 35,000 million euros in one stroke, while increasing defense spending by three percent. How will all this be financed? With economic incentives that will bring extra money in the pockets of employers and workers. If this doesn’t work, bites back into a penitentiary and welfare state. His rival, former finance minister Rishi Sunak, speaks enough about fairy tales, and he is the real Thatcher, with his realism, fiscal prudence and monetary honesty, who would fight inflation before taxes were cut.

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it’s like they tories Explain their battle in the Oort Cloud, a circular group of targets transneptunians , a light year from the Sun, is still farther from Earth than the Kuiper Rock. His enemies rely on the truth of another proverb: that those whom the gods destroy first go mad.

Historical precedents give confidence to ‘Tories’

The ‘Tories’ changed leaders mid-term in 1990, 2016 and 2019, and all three times they won the following elections, as the football team that relieved coaches mid-season and declared champions, eliminated Thatcher. was turned, and Major victorious; Cameron withdrew after the Brexit referendum, and May defeated Corbyn; Johnson staged a coup against May, and won an outright majority. But when Britons next go to the polls, the Conservatives will have been in power for 14 years and four in a row, and winning a fifth would break all historical precedents since the 19th century. Their hope is that the truss-fad fight, as it has on previous occasions, will serve to give the new leader an air of freshness and make Labor’s starer look like the old product.

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