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Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Considering scrap, bought for 7 lakhs, turned out to be a treasure of 3 crores

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Edmonton: The owner of an antique shop named Alex Archibald was quite surprised when he recently bought a house. It belonged to a late piano teacher named Bete-Jean Rac.

A grand piano in the house costing $ 10,000 attracted the attention of Archibald, who was available there. He also knew the teacher for a long time. When he found the keys to the house, he hoped that he would find a treasure trove inside it.

The house was nothing short of heaven, it contained a lot of valuables that could possibly be used for Archibald’s antiques shop. He said, “When I first saw her inside the house, I felt a bit shocked at the state of the house. There were what seemed to be ‘extreme hoarding conditions’.”

All that was found was a result of RAC’s love for travel and shopping. He documented the entire search in a video. Posted on YouTube, it has several parts in which he is describing those things.

Items included some silver strips, several old books, magazines, coins and shoes etc. He added that the most impressive discovery included a cash-purse, a 100-ounce silver strip and bags filled with gold and diamond rings. “

Along with this, a closet full of designer clothes was also found in it. All this amounts to $ 400,000 in total.

All items were put up for auction. It happened in three parts. All of them were sold to different bidders around the world, except for the grand pianos that were kept in Archibald’s store.


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