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Convalescent Covid patients may be suffering from Alzheimer’s

Some of the symptoms associated with the development of Alzheimer’s are inflammation and infection, mainly viral, such as COVID-19. A new study conducted in the United States suggests that there is a link between the two diseases that affect those who recover from SARS-CoV-2 over the age of 65, and that means a long-term challenge.

The findings from the American Case Western Reserve University were published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease and report that elderly people who have covid have a 50% to 80% higher risk of developing Alzheimer’s within a year because of the change. . and inflammation caused by the coronavirus in the central nervous system.

The connection may be due to the fact that the Sars-CoV-2 virus that causes the coronavirus affects multiple organs, including the central nervous system, which leads to cognitive decline, as the virus is similar to the one that supports Alzheimer’s. Generates a neuroinflammatory phase. ,

The study made it possible to compare the medical records of 6.2 million adults over the age of 65 who received or did not receive treatment against the coronavirus between the months of February 2020 and May 2021, and who have not previously been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s was.

In this regard, the research resulted in a higher risk among people who were infected with COVID and, in a population stratified by age groups, this link is more frequent in patients and women in the age group of 80 to 85 years.

predisposing factors.

Orlando Vivas, a neurologist at the Santa Sofia Clinic, explains to Ultimas Noticias that viral infections are a predisposing and even triggering factor for the development of Alzheimer’s, and there are other studies with ample data to show that it is associated with various infections. associated with diseases such as herpesviruses that cause cognitive impairment.
In this sense, he suggests that there is a link between COVID infection and Alzheimer’s due to the presence of pathophysiological changes and certain viral proteins involved in cell membranes and extracellular vesicles.

“We know it’s related, because from a clinical point of view, when the patient already presents symptoms of Alzheimer’s, there is an inflammatory process even earlier. So, without a doubt, viral infections cause the condition. may or may be a triggering factor that leads to Alzheimer’s disease,” he says.

cognitive impairment.

In addition, he noted that the symptoms of covid affecting the central nervous system are evident in both the acute and chronic phases, but in the experimental phase it has become possible to verify that a neuroinflammatory process arises similar to the neuropathy of Alzheimer’s disease. . , and can lead to cognitive decline.

Vivas emphasizes that there has also been research into Zika virus infection that can damage brain organs and trigger the pathological features of Alzheimer’s.

Similarly, neurologists point out that this is a medical issue that is becoming more and more important and could result in “a wave of cognitive disorders, involving a greater number of cases, from Sars-CoV-2.” Related or triggers are secondary infection.”

disease. Alzheimer’s is a disease with no cure that affects memory and mental functions, as cells degenerate and die. It consists of several phases such as the preclinical phase in which there are no symptoms while the inflammatory and neuropathological process is progressing, and another is the clinical phase in which mild, moderate and severe cognitive impairment is manifested.
Dr. Vivas emphasizes that each stage is characterized by particular symptoms and conditions.

In the clinical phase, in particular, there is difficulty communicating with language changes, even misleading images may be presented, while treatment to control cognitive and behavioral changes There are medicinal and non-medicinal.

world alzheimer’s day

World Alzheimer’s Day has been observed every 21 September since 1994, after being designated by the World Health Organization. This year’s theme is a continuation of the campaign for Meet Dementia, Meet Alzheimer’s, 2021.

It aims to make the global population aware of the disease which not only affects patients, but also their direct caregivers and family members. In addition, it seeks to promote support, research and its treatment, and on the other hand, provides training and psychological support and campaigns for the prevention of modifiable risk factors such as lifestyle.

Scientists believe that the risks are combined between genetics, environment and lifestyle. More than 30 million are affected by pathology in the world.

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