Cony Capelli remembers when Jorge Valdivia stood up to him

Cony Capelli remembers when Jorge Valdivia stood up to him after their short relationship - Publimetro Chile

“Jorge (Valdivia) and I met at, I was working at an event and he was there with his brother. “I work as a hostess and nothing, I was there with a gardener and the VIP security lady invited me,” he began by saying.

“Suddenly I looked and he was there, I turned around, I started dancing and suddenly he came to me and said ‘hey, tail’, I turned and said ‘what’s wrong?’, because I thought he was there. talked to me about the tail, about the popin, and he told me ‘no, friend, it’s true, he hangs a tail on you. I hung the planter for 3 meters, I got bored and I died laughing there,” continued the dancer.

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“He doesn’t talk to me anymore”

“That’s where we started dating for a while. He was divorced. We were out for a month, two months. “I’ll take the nice thing, he’s a very nice person, very charming, he’s a good size,” Capelli said.

“He made me stand up, he told me I was going to the wedding, I got a dress with a beautiful designer called Matías Hernán, I went to try it on, I rented it, I bought shoes, a purse. I had the ticket purchased, he had sent it to me,” said the winner of the reality show.

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“We left on Friday, and it’s Monday, suddenly Tuesday happened, I wrote to him and he didn’t answer me. Wednesday and he didn’t answer me. Thursday, he didn’t answer me. He stopped talking to me. Ghosting, he did the famous ghosting of me. I kept the dress, a shame. I found out on Instagram that he went with his wife, together with Daniela,” he concluded.