Copilot will generate more than $10 billion for Microsoft by 2026

Copilot will generate more than $10 billion for Microsoft by 2026!

Microsoft (MSFT.US) is one of the most innovative companies in the world and is fighting to become the market leader in artificial intelligence. One of the products it launched about AI is Copilot, which is an application that accompanies you in your daily work.

Copilot Will Generate More Than $10 Billion For Microsoft By 2026

Copilot has various functions; among them, it is easy to make presentations, summarize meetings, or even create Excel models for you. The potential of this application is huge, and a former senior position at Microsoft, who worked closely with OpenIA and helped launch Copilot, recently conducted an interview in which he stated that Amy Hood (Microsoft CFO) was conservative when he estimated the revenue of $10 billion in 2026 from this application.

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In addition, the former employee of the company led by Satya Nadella believes that at least 50% of customers who use Microsoft’s cloud services will also get Copilot.

At XTB, we think these types of tools will allow companies to increase productivity to levels never seen before. It is estimated that it can improve it by 70%, and in most of its applications, it can be even greater. Microsoft’s advantage is that it has a customer base that is very loyal to the company. and that it would be more profitable for them to continue hiring Microsoft services instead of choosing a competitor.

To learn more about Microsoft, you can take a look at our analysis by clicking here.

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Microsoft shares are up more than 55% year to date in 2023.

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