Coppel finished the steel kitchen set with three pots and a frying pan


Having a kitchen set at home can make your life easier because it allows you to cook different foods at the same time. If you haven’t already, Coppel sells a unique steel cookware set with three pots and a frying pan for less than 800 pesos.

The Christmas holidays are approaching, so hundreds of people have started shopping to prepare a delicious dinner, which is almost impossible if you don’t have the necessary tools, such as good kitchen utensils.

And it often happens that you don’t have enough dishes and pots to prepare everything you need, delaying cooking some meals and increasing the time you spend in the kitchen. To prevent this from happening to you, we have a ‘notice’ for you.

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How much is the steel kitchenware sold by Coppel for less than 800 pesos?

So you can spend less time in the kitchen and more time preparing for dinner, Coppel offers a carbon steel cookware set with three pots and a frying pan for less than 800 pesos.

This is a set of three pots and a frying pan from the Gibson Home brand in a beautiful red color with black handles and knobs, made of carbon steel, and with three glass covers. In total, you get seven pieces.

This kitchen set has a normal price of 899 pesos, but it is currently reduced to 779 pesos, so you can save more than 100 pesos.

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The best of all is that you can buy it for 43 pesos every two weeks when paying with your Coppel credit, calculated over 24 weeks. and if you order it online, the shipping will be completely free. So don’t hesitate and go get your new kitchen appliance.