Corona cases have reduced in the country, but WHO has expressed this concern


New Delhi: India reported a further decline in new corona virus cases on Monday. However the deaths remained above 4,000 and experts warned that the count is unreliable due to lack of testing in rural areas, where the virus is spreading rapidly.

“There are still many parts of the country who have not yet experienced the summit, they are still going up,” Saumya Swaminathan, chief scientist of the World Health Organization, told the Hindu newspaper.

Swaminathan pointed to a worryingly high national positivity rate. He stated that in about 20% of the tests as an indication that in the coming times could become worse.

He said, “Testing is still inadequate in a large number of states. When you see a high test positivity rate, obviously we’re not testing enough. So absolute numbers don’t really mean anything, when they’re just Is taken by himself. “

The decline began last week and new infections were placed at 2,81,386 by the Ministry of Health on Monday, falling below 300,000 for the first time since 21 April. At the current rate, the total caseload in India since the epidemic a year ago would cross the 25 million mark in the next few days. The total deaths have been reported to be 2,74,390.

The first wave of epidemics in India, which peaked in September, was largely concentrated in urban areas, where testing was rapidly launched. In February, the second wave swept rural towns and villages, where 1.35 billion people live in about two-thirds of the country and there is an acute shortage of testing in those places.