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Saturday, February 27, 2021

Corona horrific in America, Biden warns – 5 million dead by next month

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America tops the list of countries most affected by Coronavirus. So far more than four lakh people have died in the US due to Covid-19, but even after the introduction of vaccination, the threat of virus from the country has not been avoided. The new president, Joe Biden, predicted Thursday that the Corona dead would exceed half a million by the month of the United States. Also said that during this time his administration will not be able to increase the speed of vaccination.

Joe Biden had committed to the fight against Corona during his election campaign. Speaking to reporters at the White House for the first time since becoming president on Thursday, Biden said, Corona dead could be up to 5,00,000 by the next month. The number of new cases may increase. We are not stuck in this trouble in one night. So it can take months to get out of this trouble.

Vaccination may take months

The new president also ruled out the possibility of accelerating the pace of vaccination in the US and warned, “The cruel truth is that it can take months when we are able to fully vaccinate American citizens on a large scale.” He reiterated his commitment to launch an aggressive, safe and effective vaccination campaign. Significantly, during the first 100 days of his tenure, the Biden administration has set a target of vaccinating 10 million people.

More than 9 lakh people are getting vaccinated every day

According to the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention, an average of 9,12,497 people were given vaccine doses per day in the previous week. On Thursday, 3,889 people died of corona in the US. Earlier on Wednesday, a record 4,409 people lost their lives due to infection. Currently, the number of corona infections in the US is 2,51,96,086. At the same time, 4,20,285 people have lost their lives due to infection.

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