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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Corona vaccination begins in Japan

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TOKYO: The Japanese government on Wednesday began vaccinating corona ahead of the July Olympics.

As a first step, corona vaccination is given to early medical personnel. As many as 40,000 doctors, nurses and paramedics have been identified as being at risk of contracting the disease as they treat corona patients.

Corona vaccination for them began on Wednesday. They will be vaccinated a second time on March 10.

Gajuhiro Araki, head of the Tokyo Medical Center, administered the first vaccine to help people gain confidence in the corona vaccine. She is proud to be the first Japanese to be vaccinated against corona.

Because of the misinformation about the corona vaccine in the media, the Japanese are reluctant to give it up.

Although Japan is in the process of developing a corona vaccine, its research is still in its infancy. Thus, the Japanese government has been importing and using the vaccine from the US FISA company. Only last Sunday did the government approve the vaccine for emergency use. Since then, corona vaccination of frontline personnel has begun.

Priority will be given to frontline staff and seniors, following the health department. After that all the people of the country will be vaccinated against corona.

With the Olympics set to begin in July, the Japanese government is forced to vaccinate everyone against the corona vaccine.

Countries including the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, France and Italy began vaccinating against corona last December. Japan is lagging behind in this regard. This delay was due to the Japanese government saying that the vaccine manufactured by FISA would be approved only after it had been tested in Japan.

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