Coronavirus cases have been transferred from Mank to CDC certified people.

Coronavirus cases have been transferred from Mank to CDC certified people.

In Michigan, at least four people infected with the corona virus are the first known cases of animal-to-human transmission in the United States.

The cases occurred in the first year of the outbreak and were confirmed Monday by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. New York Times Reported.

Two of the infected people were working on a Michigan Mink farm where the cholera virus had spread, and the other two had nothing to do with the farm. The first three cases were reported last year.

A.D. In early October 2020, Michigan authorities announced that the virus had been detected in a nearby farm and that many animals had died. At the request of the state, the CDC sent a team to investigate the outbreak.

A.D. In March 2021, CDC updated its website with a “minus-linked mutation” as soon as “minor people” received the virus version. Times Reported.

“This indicates that there may be an increase in party-to-person exposure,” the agency said, adding that all patients had recovered.

Samples of the virus collected from four infected people have previously identified two mutations and farms in farmed mink in Europe. A.D. In November 2020, Danish authorities rounded up thousands of mink because the mutation of the virus in animals threatened the future viability of the vaccine.

“This indicates that, in addition to the ministerial farm workers who positively tested Covd-19 after the Mink herd became infected and died, it is possible that the workers became infected after contacting Mink on the farm,” he said. Casey Barton Baravesh, director of the CDC One Health Bureau b Times.

However, she added, “Since there are few genetic sequences from farming communities, it is impossible to know for sure whether mutations originated in the mink farm or are already spreading in the community.”

The Dutch have reported the discovery of a new corona virus on a mink farm

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