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Why, then, write about the topic of the new world of work? Basically, because what’s happening is fascinating and because all we’re doing is writing a blank page. Every day we observe events that quickly become natural, but which were unimaginable some time ago, and they need to be recorded and prepared for everything to come. Whatever it is, it will require a completely different, innovative, disruptive approach from each one.

When in The Future of the Future and Future of Work we confirmed in 2017 that what was coming was surprising, exciting and highly impactful, we said it based on a few variables that we knew about at the time. We have to understand that today we are building our future based on the paradigms we have, based on our frame of reference. What recent times have shown us, however, is that what we believe to be the future has always been limited to what we know today, and the central challenge is what could happen based on some emerging trends. Well, start watching.

So this proposition is born, because the future has already arrived, and what seemed revolutionary at some point quickly becomes natural.

We will be part of the so-called “generation C”, generation of the coronavirus. We will integrate the generation that has gone through the quarantine, and that is why each of us will begin to develop a transcendent, vital role. And perhaps what will surprise us is that we won’t find answers to the questions we’ve been asking in traditional places. Perhaps, as we talk about the great experience that COVID-19 has given us today, we may need to start thinking about what the next surprises are going to be and how we can capitalize on that experience. are capable of. respond quickly.

If there was anything that was visible during the entire COVID-19 process, it was the number of people whose knowledge became obsolete in a very short time. The reason was that he felt that the remedies of the past were going to provide solutions to the problems of the present. Part of what we want to bring up in these pages is that there should be a sense of urgency and the ability to open up, understand, respond, and anticipate. And not because we can predict what’s going to happen in the future, but because we must have the ability to make a sudden, change of pace.

Perhaps we’re going to respond to the concept that we’re experiencing with new normalities. That is to say, each time new elements will be considered that will allow us to access new perspectives and transcendental abilities. We need to start thinking about the sustainable “beta state” model; This implies that we will try to look for the best version without certainty, but with the belief that this constant, dynamic and creative development will allow us to find the version that best suits the moment, knowing That with new elements and new discoveries we will be able to design the following steps.

Undoubtedly, what is to come is exciting. We are all participants in an important moment in history. The proposal is that we become the leading actors of the times to come.

The road is running. The end is uncertain, but so will the result of the process, as it is a process of enduring discovery in which each has a fundamental role to play.

We don’t know what the future will hold. Trying to make accurate forecasts would only mess with futuristic science. What we can do is create a pathway in which each person contributes together, discovering what the answers are to the questions we ask ourselves. The most important thing will not be the answers, but the questions that help guide our searches, because the answers will certainly change. For this reason, the book is written in such a way that each chapter constitutes a lesson in itself. It begins with three questions and ends with a visual record in the form of a synthesis. We have also covered ten cases of this future paradigm companies throughout the lesson that have already come, whose leaders we ask the same questions. Deal, Bullshit Nights, Future for Work Institute, Henry, Kavac, Claros, Minerva University, Projimo, Seeds and Tressend-Network, all illustrative cases of real disruption in their respective categories.

Proposal, as is the case at the beginning of each trip, we fasten our seat belts (or whatever else we feel gives us security) and make sure we have a small table in front of us (or anything that might hinder ) are in the correct position, as a new journey is about to begin. Welcome! May we have an excellent journey and, above all, let’s enjoy each stage!


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