Coronavirus: slowing infection speed, decline in new positive cases, TPR also decreased


New Delhi The second wave of corona virus remains an enemy of people’s lives, due to which the figure of deaths does not seem to be decreasing every day. The situation is so bad that patients are dying due to lack of oxygen and beds in hospitals.

The state governments have also imposed restrictions like lockdown and night curfew to control the situation. Also, there is a ray of relief in the country.

The second wave of infection seems to be slowing down a bit. If we look at the average of seven days of corona cases coming every day, then there has been a decline in new cases for the last 7 consecutive days. Corona’s positivity rate has dropped below 20 percent in the past week. There was a decrease of more than 1.5 lakhs in the number of active cases.

At the same time, the matter of concern among all of them is that there is no decrease in deaths and the situation may remain the same for some time. However, the average mortality rate has declined slightly during the last 2 days. However, according to the data on Saturday, the number of people who died in one day from Corona once again crossed 4,000.

Due to this, the poor in the village became worse

Although other signs are looking positive, they are not able to show the Corona crisis that is causing havoc in the villages due to less testing. The average of daily cases over the past 7 days is a reliable indication of which direction the wave is now heading. On May 8, where 3.91 lakh new cases were reported, on Saturday, 3.54 lakh new cases were reported. There is a difference of about 50,000 among them.

At the same time, the other positive change is the test positive rate which has come down during the last 7 days. Between 8 and 14 May, Corona’s test positivity rate was 19.5 per cent, compared to 22.4 per cent in the 7 days preceding it. This shows that the corona infection rate is decreasing. This is when the number of tests has increased during the last 7 days.