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Correct interpretation of a baby’s cry – what does a baby want to say when it cries: few hear it


Although babies cry the same way around the world, adults cannot explain crying. But you can learn.

Researchers from the French University of Saint-Etienne have investigated which adults have a special hearing for a baby’s cry.

They played audio recordings of the crying babies of about 250 people who were familiar with the babies to varying degrees. Among them were people who have zero experience with babies, parents who have children under the age of 2, parents with older children and people who work professionally with children, for example In a day care center or hospital.

learn how to hear pain

For practice, all groups were first given a recording of the babies crying. The children of the stool were unwell because of being bathed. Sometimes they screamed in pain because they had received an injection. In trials, test subjects were then played the screams of unfamiliar infants and infants who were familiar with the exercise.

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Surprisingly, subjects who did not experience the child could not differentiate between cries of pain and cries of I am unwell. Parents and people working professionally with children are different.

Increases sensitivity towards other children from own children

They were able to tell pain and discomfort apart three-quarters of the time. Assuming that they knew the child. However, the really big surprise was that it was only parents with children under the age of two who could even spot the reasons for the strange babes screaming.

Children’s sense of learning decreases with age

So parents of very young children were even better off than professionals who deal with children on a daily basis. They seem to develop resistance to screams of pain. While parents of babies learn to interpret their babies’ cries better and better.

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The brain researchers around Siloé Corvin and Camille Fauchon now want to use brain studies to find out why parents of children are so sensitive and also why their child’s behavior changes as their child progresses through infancy. Why does the feeling of crying subside again?

The child’s pain is heard and visible

Fortunately, a child’s pain is not only audible, but also visible. A child in pain cries for a long time and is practically inconsolable. He closes his eyes so hard that wrinkles appear on his forehead. It makes fists, bends the knees and elbows and draws the legs and arms towards the body. And even those who do not hear the pain can see it.

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