Corruption wastes almost 20% of the budget of the four regions

Corruption wastes almost 20% of the budget of the four regions

The Attorney General of the Republic He presented the Megaoperative Government to the National Government, which plans to intervene in 283 states to oversee the correct management of public resources at the national level. The concern of the matter is the information from the Office of the Auditor, which shows that in 2021 alone the regions of Piura, Arequipa, La Libertad and Puno have lost more than 1,000 million feet, corrupt and dishonest of the function.

For example, in Arequipa, which is the region that signs for its share, lost the most money to corruption in 2021, for every 100 plants allocated to the region by the Central Government, 19.3 plants ended up in the wrong hands.

Piura lost more than S/1,210 million in 2021 due to corruption. The figure whose size can be better understood if it is known in June 2012; isHealth He reported that he would invest more than S/1 billion in the construction of six hospitals. That is to say, in 2021, in Piura, only six hospitals, which could save lives, were rescued.

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Puno in 2021 registered a poverty rate of 42.6%, while almost half of Puno’s families (49.5%) did not have access to the four basic services. In the same year, Puno lost more than 1,100 million plants to corruption and malpractice. How many houses in Puno will be completed with electricity, drinking water or sewerage, with a budget equal to that which Puno lost due to corruption in 2021?

bad decentralization

Former President General of the Republic Fuad Khoury he Peru21 The high levels of corruption are mainly due to regionalization. “There is a huge lack of decentralization on the part of the public administration, because the regions, the regional presidencies, have become more bureaucratic, and resources have not been transferred,” said Khoury.

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Regarding the regional movements, the former comptroller asked the question of the illegal financing of various groups and thought that this corruption started or was won before the elections. “Regional movements financed by organized crime such as drug trafficking, illegal mining, illegal logging or corrupt companies are created. These win, and they will return the favor. Corruption takes place in the very election campaign,” he said.

Khoury left the fight against corruption and stated that impunity prevails in Peru. That comptroller points out that very few go to prison. He also said thatIt is known that he corrupts the Judiciary and gives four years with a suspended sentence“.

She had enlightened the publicin countries where the fight against corruption has been successful, because the firm is firm, strong and quickAnd so he said that the punishments were higher, as a form of deterrence.

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Are they lacking in the will of the state?

Prepare Khoury, “The heart of the corruption problem is in the Executive“. In this sense, referring to the President of the Republic, he showed that “he is the number one leader in the country in the fight against corruption.” He also emphasized that without the political will to manage the state, nothing works. However, he considered that “no one in the executive does anything to improve the process, the internal the government or doing things right.” He also stated that the ministries of Transportation, Health, Education and Housing “are the most corrupt because they have the largest budgets.”

Corruption is a heinous crime in any society, because it means building hospitals that provide health, schools that provide a future, pipes that provide drinking water and roads that connect millions.


Joseph Baella


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