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Corsair ICUE LC100 Review

iCue LC100 Detail

If you want more than just RGB fans and RGB strips to illuminate your case and setup, you’ll definitely love the Corsair iCue LC100. Detail with triangular elements looks exciting at first glance, as the elements can be arranged in almost any way. On two of the three sides you will find the contacts to connect the next RGB triangle. It looks like you can arrange the elements any way you want, but that’s not the case at all because you’re bound by geometry.

There is currently a choice between an expansion kit and a starter kit. The starter kit contains the Lighting Node Pro controller, which forms the basis for the operation of one or more kits. We received two kits from Corsair for this test, which are used here.

Corsair iCue LC100 Lightning Node Pro

light node pro controller

Two LC100 kits can be connected to the Lighting Node Pro controller – so the other can be connected to the starter kit. The connections are marked with LEDs 1 and 2. Otherwise, only the Corsair logo and a hole in the front can be found. It is not further explained what it is for.

Corsair iCue LC100 Lightning Node Pro

The controller has a cable that ends in a SATA power connector on the other end. It is used to feed the controller. Furthermore, one finds A Mini-B USB Socket, which has been happening for years. It is incomprehensible why it is used specifically. The matching cable is included in the delivery scope and connects the controller to the USB 2.0 header on the mainboard.

Corsair iCue LC100 Interior Layout

iCue LC100 Internal Structure

The triangles look really chic at first glance and indicate that they are fully illuminated. When you turn it on, you see that the corners are not illuminated. The milky plastic passes perfectly, but the light from the three RGB LEDs is blocked by magnets at the corners. Inside, each edge is illuminated by three RGB LEDs. The overall result is a uniform illumination of the triangle.

Corsair iCue LC100 System 2

The triangle is fed and controlled by means of five pins, which are located on only two of the three sides. It also ensures supply to the next module. The structure itself is not complicated and the concept is good.

Corsair iCue LC100 Packaging

iCue LC100 Packaging

Combining bright yellow with black, the iCue LC100’s packaging makes the iCue LC100 look sharp and yet still attractive for an RGB product. In front you can see the module in a snake-like arrangement. On the back you will find more information and pictures that describe the product. The outer packaging is made of hard cardboard and protects the inside well.

Opening the packaging reveals the modules, which are supported by several layers of hard cardboard. It is certainly thought to be permanent, even if the bag surrounding other parts is removed in delivery. But Corsair is already moving in the right direction.

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Corsair iCue LC100 Inner Box

iCue LC100 Delivery Scope

that starter Kit Comes with more parts and includes the Lightning Node Pro controller which is missing in detail. It also makes expansion cheaper.

Overall, the starter kit includes the following:

  • 9x LED elements, one of them as a base station with a cable
  • 1x Lighting Node Pro LED Controller
  • 1x Connection Cable (9-Pin USB 2.0 Header / USB Micro-B)
  • 1x Connection Cable (3-pin JST Corsair Link)
  • adhesive strips

Corsair iCue LC100 RGB Lighting

iCue LC100 RGB Lighting

Creativity is required when attaching iCue LC100 RGB lighting. It’s best to take a closer look at the housing and then decide how exactly you want the cables and elements to be placed. It makes sense to arrange the main element, that is, the base in such a way that the cables can be easily stacked and hidden. The SATA power cable and RGB connector have to be cleverly hidden here, making the cable length to be taken into account.

Corsair iCue LC100 RGB Lighting in Housing

With the NZXT housing, we decided to keep the LC100 from top to bottom because of the total of 18 elements. There’s one more thing to note: a single base can “only” control 12 elements. The latter all have partial sync errors and show up in the wrong colors and don’t sync. The software tells you whether you should use another base station from Elements 9. But that means you have to hide two more cables in the middle. It would have worked for us because there were enough opportunities. This may not happen in other systems.

Corsair ICUE LC100 RGB-Kit

The light isn’t too intrusive compared to other RGB light sources and fits well into the system overall.

Corsair iCue LC100 Software

IQ Software

To control the iCue LC100, the software solution from Corsair is used, which goes by the same name “iCUE”. After installation, it recognizes the LC100’s controller and you can make adjustments, as none of the elements are stored in the delivery position and they don’t all light up automatically. So you have to go to the lighting setup area. Here you can see the basic elements.

Corsair iCue LC100 Software Control

You have to add individual elements to your setup and arrange them in such a way that they correspond to the actual structure. Once this is done, you can still adjust the second channel or change the effect and lighting settings directly.

Corsair iCue LC100 Software - Control 1

It should be noted that you will have to individually select all the elements that you want to configure. It’s easiest to pick them all, because in most cases you’ll want a matching rainbow or gradient. The software gives you a live preview of the setting and shows the rotation or movement of the color spread on the module. This is very helpful! You can also select elements/modules or choose one of several effects in the menu block at the bottom. You can also assign different colors to the module, depending on what you want to do with the setup.

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Corsair iCue LC100 Software - Control 2

You can also define the direction of light, as you can make the elements in a circle or in a certain constellation. Of course, the speed of impact should not disappear.

Corsair iCue LC100 Software-Update

Since the controller is a chip with software, the software may need to be fixed from time to time. There is a “Settings” menu item for this. There were no updates during the trial period. The brightness can be reduced if needed, but hardly anyone would like that.

Corsair iCue LC100 RGB Lighting in Housing


We tested RGB lighting for a long time and tried it with different constellations. Setup included a starter kit and an extension kit. starter kit Currently Amazon. but costs €103, although it is more expensive as the RGB controller is included in the scope of the distribution. that The extension kit is cheap at 82€, Provides the other 9 RGB elements, one of which serves as the base.


in which ICUE LC100 RGB-KIT Corsair has come up with something exciting. The starter kit case has a nice extension of RGB lighting, though you can attach it outside as well.

The processing of the module is good. The housing is made of plastic, which should prevent short circuits in the housing. The modules/elements are connected to each other by means of round rods through which signals and currents also flow. The brightness is good and the modules hold together well due to the strong magnets. Because of the construction, only some cabling is required, which allows for a clean construction.

The software is not complicated and you can control the RGB triangle pretty well with it. The preview function is very useful and simplifies the controls. The less use of plastic is also commendable.


Corsair ICUE LC100 Award There’s almost nothing to complain about with the RGB lighting. The choice of Mini-B USB cable is a bit questionable, but not wild as all cables are included. Only the price can be seen as a negative point, because for around € 100 you can get compared to a whole case with several fans or even a light. But if you know what you can do with the iCUE LC100, you won’t hold back from the price.

In the end, we give the iCUE LC100 a 90% score, even if the price isn’t cheap. Corsair puts a lot of effort into the product and gives a lot of leeway when designing and manufacturing RGB elements. Ideally, you should get an extension kit in addition to the starter kit.

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