COVID-19: Cases rise 43 percent in BC hospitals since mid-March Nation World News

 COVID-19: BC reports 19 deaths, hospital cases drop for fifth day in a row

The number of COVID-19 cases in B.C. hospitals has soared 40 in the past week, provincial health officials said in their second update since going into reporting weekly data.

Covid-19: Cases Rise 43 Percent In Bc Hospitals Since Mid-March Nation World News

As of Thursday, there were 364 cases in the hospital, including 36 cases in the ICU, a drop of two, according to the BC Center for Disease Control.

The number of cases in the hospital is now 43 percent higher than the 2022 low of 254 on March 22.

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BC adopts weekly ‘surveillance’ approach to COVID-19 data reporting

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Since last Thursday, BC has confirmed another 1,760 new cases of COVID-19, although limited access to PCR testing means that figure significantly underestimates the number of actual cases. The province conducted just 29,240 molecular tests in the past week.

Under the new reporting method, BC has also changed the way deaths are calculated and is now providing data on hospitalizations, however, both figures come with a delay of a week.

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B.C. health officials urge caution in Easter celebrations amid sixth COVID wave

Officials reported 233 COVID-19 hospital admissions in the week of April 3 to April 9, up from three a week ago.

Of those admissions, 108 were in the Fraser Health Zone, 34 were in the Internal Health Zone, 14 were in the Northern Health Zone, 43 were in the Vancouver Coastal Health Zone and 34 were in the Island Health Zone.

Officials also recorded 23 deaths. The death figure now includes all those who died in the week of April 3 to April 9, who tested positive for COVID within 30 days.

Click to play video: 'Signal BC is at the beginning of sixth COVID-19 wave'

Indicator BC is at the start of the sixth COVID-19 wave

Indicator BC is at the start of the sixth COVID-19 wave

B.C. health officials acknowledge the figure could potentially result in fatalities, and say they are looking at future “retrospective evaluations” on the cause of death to better understand the true COVID-19 mortality rate. “will provide.

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BC is no longer providing any updates on the total number of first, second and third doses of vaccine administered.

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BC group says better data needed to assess severity of sixth COVID-19 wave

Monthly BC CDC data continues to show non-vaccinated people at higher risk of serious outcomes.

From March 13 to April 9, per 100,000 population, there were 45.8 cases in hospital, 7.9 uninfected cases and 4.2 deaths in ICU, compared to 23.6 cases in hospital, 3 cases in ICU and 2.2 deaths in two or more people. diet.

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Last week, B.C.’s health ministry said it was moving toward a “surveillance” approach to reporting data that mirrored other respiratory illnesses, such as the flu, that it said were “increasingly affected by COVID-19 over time in different regions.” Identifying meaningful changes in -19 trends”. province.”

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The change comes as some experts, including the BC COVID-19 Modeling Group, warn that the province is in the early stages of a sixth, Omicron BA.2 variant-driven wave, with more comprehensive and timely data. Has asked for an update.

Since the start of the pandemic, British Columbia has reported a total of 359,002 cases, 20,220 hospital admissions and 3,036 deaths.

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