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Thursday, May 6, 2021

Covid-19: Supreme court bombarded questions at center, said- will act contempt on those seeking help

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Prabhakar Mishra, New Delhi: A hearing was held in the Supreme Court today on this issue, amid the worsening situation across the country from Corona. During the hearing, the country’s largest court questioned the central government sharply. At the same time, the court gave a strict order, saying that those who post oxygen, beds, medicines etc. on social media will not be acted upon. No government will take action on information put on social media by a citizen. If this happens, it will be considered contempt of court.

The Supreme Court has ordered the Center, the states and the DGP to say that if they take action in the name of spreading rumors, they will run a case of contempt. At the same time, the Supreme Court said that we have identified various issues in different matters of the country and the purpose of our hearing is to identify the issues of national interest and review the dialogue. This is being considered for decision makers.

Also, the Supreme Court told the Center that there should be free flow of information, we should listen to the voice of the citizens. The court also said that there should be no prejudice about whether the complaints made by citizens on the Internet are false. The Supreme Court found that even doctors and health workers are not getting beds in hospitals.

The Supreme Court further said that the situation is very bad. Hostels, temples, churches and other places should be opened to make care centers for Corona patients. Justice Chandrachud of the Supreme Court asked the Central Government what measures have been taken to ensure the supply of tankers and cylinders? The court asked how long oxygen supply will be there?

The Supreme Court asked the Center how people who do not have access to the Internet or who are illiterate, will register for the vaccine. Does the central and state governments have any plans? At the same time, regarding vaccination, the court said that the Center should adopt the national vaccination model, because the poor will not be able to pay the cost of the vaccine.

During the hearing, Justice Chandrachud said that these are the issues that we have identified – the issue of oxygen supply, to display to the states and real-time updates, how much is being supplied to the states, what is the mechanism of oxygen Planning on the use of concentrators and what oxygen / medical support is expected to be received from outside India. He said what restrictions, lockdown is the Center considering to control Corona?

Also, the Supreme Court asked the central government what efforts the government has made in terms of increasing the availability of oxygen tankers, cylinders and who is expected to supply 800 additional tankers?


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