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Craze in Spain for ‘miracle injection’ against obesity leaves diabetics without drugs

The fight against obesity is a public health challenge at the global level and certainly at the national level as well. This condition is closely related to cardiovascular diseases, which are the first cause of death on the whole planet. So researchers have been dreaming for decades easy solution to the problem: for example, a tablet wondrous Due to which your weight gets reduced easily. it is Sleep This is similar to the latest results being reported by a well-known injectable drug for type 2 diabetes, GLP-1 analogs.

Research into the surprising effects of these molecules on weight loss has multiplied in recent years and families are becoming more numerous: liraglutide, dulaglutide, semaglutide, or tirzepatide, However, in our country liraglutide is indicated only in a dose of three milligrams for the treatment of obesity; The rest should be used, for now, only for the treatment of type 2 diabetes. The Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (Amps) has reported that the supply of two drugs based on dulaglutide and semaglutide is at risk due to their high demand. Is.

Why has there been this explosion in demand? Antonio Mas, expert in endocrinology and nutrition, explained in a twitter thread Their use for the treatment of obesity is becoming increasingly popular, despite the fact that they are not indicated for this. ,This popularity is taking the pharmaceutical industry by storm. If you manufacture a drug for diabetes and your customer is Social Security, you create stock for this public financing. If a major indication appears, such as obesity – although this is not approved today – it is very difficult for pharmaceutical companies to manage their stock,” explains the expert.

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AMP has alerted about the problems coming in the supply Trulicity from Lilly Laboratories, whose active ingredient is dulaglutide, and from Ozempic from Novo Nordisk, from Semaglutide, Both are injectable products that must be administered once a week, but their use against obesity has not yet been indicated. The GLP-1 analog that is indicated for obesity in Spain is Saxenda, also from Novo Nordisk. The drug, which is administered daily, costs 270 euros a month because it is not funded by social security and its supply is not at risk, according to the Amps list of active supply problems.

“The latest GLP-1 analog that’s trending among people looking to lose weight right now is Ozempic, semaglutide,” explains Maas. “But not because it’s more effective, but Because you play once a week and it costs 150 euros a month instead of 300 euros”, GLP-1 analogs are indicated for the control of blood glucose in adults with type 2 diabetes when this is not possible through diet and exercise, even when metformin is not considered appropriate or when combined with other medicinal products. is added together. ,

They belong to the family of incretins, which are molecules that the gut produces in response to ingestion. They alert several systems that you are overeating: the pancreas tells it to produce insulin to counteract the entry of carbohydrates and To the brain, which activates a feeling of satiety and hunger disappears. That is to say, their power to increase insulin secretion was first discovered and they became famous as a type 2 diabetes medicine and over time it was observed that they increase satiety and, therefore, obesity. Sufferers have a poor appetite, eat less and, as a result, lose weight.

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it is slimming power The buzz spread because GLP-1 analogs are the first drug shown to be effective for weight loss and safe to use. But, be careful, because this phenomenon creates problems: “People ask for it from someone who goes to the herbalist for diuretic herbs”Condemn more. Supply shortfalls of these drugs particularly affect diabetic patients to whom they are prescribed: it is not currently a first-line treatment, but according to endocrinologists, its good health outcomes for these patients may lead to its being prescribed more. Are moving forward. even more.

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“Not only do they reduce weight. These drugs reduce mortality, improve outcomes in diabetes and cardiovascular disease. This means they are increasingly being recommended and It is a problem that patients with diabetes run out of medicines.Of course, Maas points out that there is a stock shortage problem with Storm and that if the company detects excess demand it will produce more supply in the future. Recommendations are given to avoid supply of these drugs.

Aemps does not openly acknowledge that demand has increased because patients losing weight are generating an unauthorized signal, but asks that Prefer the use of these remedies according to the conditions authorizing (Glycemic control of patients with type 2 diabetes)”. In addition, they recommend that doctors not introduce new treatments until stocks are guaranteed and not replace treatments with drugs from the same therapeutic group.

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But if Trulicity and Ozempic are not indicated for obesity and require a prescription, then why is there a growing demand for them among people looking to lose weight? These drugs are approved and, although their use in obesity is not indicated, they are known to work for weight loss and are therefore prescribed. “I don’t know to what extent it’s legal or not, but it’s Medicine Day”, explains more. In fact, these slimming effects are still being studied and it is expected that these drug indications for weight loss will be approved in the future. “Be careful! Because Ozempic is already in the United States in an oral version,” says the expert.

In any case, it is important to clarify that these GLP-1 analogs are not miracle injection that they have the power to banish obesity forever and that in fact, But he compares them to other well-known methods such as bariatric surgery or gastric balloon implantation., “There is no other way to lose weight permanently than to change your lifestyle. These methods are like knocking on the table and at first they help you lose weight, but the key is to take advantage of the effect of the drug to be picked up.” To change your habits ”says the doctor.

“Patients tell you: ‘Hey, give me this medicine, my cousin did great because I can’t or don’t want to diet and I don’t have time to play sports. So don’t even think about it! it’s a tool to do the work for you“, comments Mass. The indications for these drugs work to ensure that the benefits outweigh the risks of using a drug and therefore, experts point out that making it a mass-use product can be dangerous. If It is taken by an overweight person who does not pose a health risk, these drugs may not be such a safe protection.

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