Create UM Student Educational Kit Innovations

Create UM Student Educational Kit Innovations |  journalpost

Five Malang State University students created STREM-based educational learning media (Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering and Mathematics) to help primary school students make their learning process more enjoyable.

Create UM Student Educational Kit Innovations

This learning medium was created for space material, in particular material for planetary features in the Solar System. This media is branded as Stellar (Smart Education Learning and Adventure) with Edu Kit concept which is equipped with Smart Application with STREM and Gamification approach.

Stellar is equipped with a solar system kit that children can assemble using the user manual so that children can assemble them themselves.

Create UM Student Educational Kit Innovations

STELAR team leader Isna revealed that the creation of this learning media began with problems derived from a literature study that stated that astronomical material is abstract material that causes children to have difficulty concreting the material.

“We want to create space learning products that are interesting and in tune with the times”

STELAR is a learning novelty on the characteristics of the solar system on space material especially for primary school-aged children. However, he said, it is possible to develop it in the future with more diverse materials and more multifunctional kits.

Create UM Student Educational Kit Innovations

It is being produced in Malang City since June 2022. Previously, schools already had media in the form of learning books and globes. However it is not effective.

“Schools already have a medium of learning, usually in the form of learning books that contain only text and 2-dimensional images, but the learning media is not stream-based that integrates different subjects and the student can only learn from any subject. tend to focus on memorizing concepts without actual experience.Learning process.

These are the weaknesses that make students Mrs. Erati Hamimi, S.P.D., M.Sc. Manufactures under the guidance of Will be offered as a benefit and as a space learning media kit for primary schools throughout Indonesia.

In addition, it is equipped with supporting applications with an attractive appearance and equipped with features that support learning such as augmented reality that supports children’s abstraction of the solar system more clearly, platforms for each planet There are game features with challenges. Make astronomy fun through exploration missions with integrated STREM. Not only this, STELAR has proven to be able to make students more critical, creative, innovative and collaborative.

Create UM Student Educational Kit Innovations

STREM-based learning media and gamification were introduced externally via Instagram @stelar_id by students at the State University of Malang (UM). In the future, this product is anticipated to be mass-produced to help the learning process of primary school students.