Creating tech-savvy travelers with ShareTrip

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In the ever-evolving digital Bangladesh landscape, Yatra is poised to be the next frontier for the adoption of digital transfers. As Bangladeshi travelers become more tech-savvy, take on decision-making and gradually move away from the traditional travel agent model, digital platforms such as Sharetrip help local travelers to get the most out of travel. Paving the way for empowerment. technology.

As brick-and-mortar stores lose their edge in the ecosystem, consumers, especially modern travellers, are increasingly turning to online travel agencies. Their most trusted tool? Mobile phone in his pocket. Apps like ShareTrip are at the fore when it comes to local travel platforms.

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Earlier travelers had to rely on brick-and-mortar travel agencies to plan their vacations or Skyscanner, to find the best possible deals. As a result, the power of decision-making and accountability is rarely in the hands of passengers. In India too, platforms like MakeMyTrip were slowly ushering in a digital revolution and have entered the market with a strong presence not only on the B2C segment but also on the B2B base.

ShareTrip came to the rescue with the first locally developed Bangladeshi travel app that, with the help of its in-house tech team, revolutionized the way people plan their vacations locally or abroad. With over 2.7 million international hotels and over 1500+ domestic hotels and hundreds of combinations of flights to every country, Sharetrip provides its users with unmatched access to the largest tour operators, hotel distributors and flight delivery systems when choosing their vacations. Gives flexibility. in the world. Their extensive involvement in the travel sector guarantees a seamless, consistent and wide range of travel options to their customers.

However, the biggest highlight of ShareTrip is their mobile app, which is available on both iOS and Android operating systems. He unveiled a state-of-the-art app and website with an end-to-end travel solution after receiving funding and rebranding, providing a more immersive experience to travelers. The flagship app, also known as ShareTrip, is a streamlined, easy-to-use application that makes travel planning a no-brainer.

From flights to hotels and everything in between, the user can find all the features conveniently located within the user interface, which can only be called UX Utopia.

The user-centric design definitely paid off. Within a year of its release, the app was able to win the trust of over 400,000 users, rating itself at the top in both the Play Store and the App Store. Currently, around 70% of their traffic comes through mobile apps. More than 600,000 people follow updates, deals and travel trends on his Facebook page and other digital media presence.

One of the most exciting features of the app that stands as an example of thought provoking user experience design is the gamification feature, which Sharetrip has successfully executed since its launch in the B2C market. Gamification is still very new for Bangladesh, especially for service related platforms and ShareTrip has revolutionized the service industry through these initiatives. To bring people back to the app and keep them engaged, ShareTrip introduces Trip Coins, a reward point, part of the travel loyalty program. This travel reward point can be earned by playing the game “Spin to Win”. Trip Coin also gets accumulated when you buy services from ShareTrip. Later, Trip Coins can be redeemed to avail discounts on bookings for travel, lodging etc.

Through the app, users can also book travel packages using the EMI facility. Equated Monthly Installment, or EMI, is a system that makes it possible for people to access goods without paying for them all at once. Thus customers have access to goods and services that they would not be able to obtain otherwise.

Other exciting features of the app include a flight tracker that users can use on the Sharetrip app and website to monitor the progress of any flight. Is a Visa Tracker that allows users to track the application status of their Visa when they apply through Sharetrip. There is also a handy blog feature tagged with travel advisory services that travelers can consult before or while planning their trips, containing information about specific destinations that might come in handy for first time travelers.

Through the app, users can also book entire holiday packages abroad and within the country and the Sharetrip team has also introduced a travel loyalty program – Silver, Gold and Platinum – where returning users can track their in-app activity and purchases. is rewarded for.

In the coming days, Sharetrip is also looking to introduce several other value additions across core service areas that will make the booking experience more seamless for the users. Flight cancellation and refund features within the app are the upcoming introductions that will allow a passenger to take care of their entire itinerary management right from the app itself.

Sharetrip is not only serving the users but it is all set to build a holistic ecosystem with its growing venture in B2B model. During the COVID-19 pandemic, there were thousands of offline agents whose stability was at risk due to their core reliance on traditional offline agents. ShareTrip has developed a separate app and website for these agents and now it has more than 5,000 offline travel agencies who use the ShareTrip platform for booking. These are also part of the company’s expanded B2B business. Sharetrip is striving hard to grow its local business with home travel packages for mass travellers.

Bangladesh’s tourism and hospitality industry is growing, but it still has miles to go. In addition to a growing number of Bangladeshis expressing a serious interest in travel, Bangladesh is also growing in popularity as a travel destination around the world. With the ever-increasing opportunity for digital integration, apps like ShareTrip are creating new frontiers in streamlining and tech-savvy inbound and outbound travel.