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Creative Ways to Gather More YouTube Subscribers for Your Channel Growth

The growth of a channel on YouTube consists of many factors, and public attention is one of the most impactful of them, along with the number of your subscribers. If this number increases constantly, your rating on the platform also rises dramatically. Of course, the possibility to buy YouTube subscribers from the UK or USA for a cheap price will help you grow bigger numbers. But having an organic audience is also a way to make your performance on YT much better, as people interact with your content.

In this article, you will find not just creative and smart but effective tips and hacks that will bring you to popularity on social media.

Watermark Your Videos

This small hack can increase the number of your fans because it’s basically an attention hook that you can easily add to your videos. It appears as a little button in the screen’s corner, which contains the option to subscribe with one click.

The general rule of all the techniques for growing your profile on social media is that everything has to be as simple and quick as possible. To turn this button on, go to the YouTube Branding setting and choose what you want. It is not necessary to put the subscribe button there, but this is one of the most effective options. You can create a custom gif image and upload it there to provide better recognition of your channel.

Set YouTube-Account Defaults

Defaults are an automated option that adds text to all your uploads. Each time you upload a new video, your added text will appear automatically. So you can be sure you have left a kind reminder for users to subscribe to your channel. This option is available in Branding settings as well. The text can always be altered to your liking and needs, and it would be recommended to change it from time to time to keep the descriptions more lively and dynamic.

Create Custom Thumbnails

That is probably one of the ground rules for anyone who wants to create an attractive and successful blog on YouTube. The platform provides automated thumbnails, but they cannot be compared to customized pictures in terms of effectiveness for your growth. The pictures that you create yourself will drive more attention to you and make your videos stand out, and increase recognition of your profile. And a well-done thumbnail can be accepted as a sign of a professional and serious approach to your blogging career, which is also highly appreciated by users. Here are some key tips for creating a great thumbnail:

  • Create minimalistic designs with fewer details. The picture is small, so it is best to leave space for the main accents
  • Add keyword-rich short text for a better chance to intrigue the user
  • Give a hint that explains why your video is worth watching

Work On Your Content

Nothing is so motivating for people to subscribe to you as great YouTube content is. If you are able to capture their attention with it, you will have the minimum effort to lure them to your channel. If your videos impress viewers with engaging materials and visual quality, as well as if they are useful and valuable for them – you got them in your pocket. So in order to get more subscribers, you must improve your performance based on the analytical data from your previous experience. Look at what your viewers appreciate the most, and analyze their behavior. Another good way to find out what’s catching the love of your followers is to ask them. Use your community to get the information you need. Don’t be shy to ask for ideas – your viewers can give you the most genuine and honest review and help with your growth.

Think Of A Title That Works

Whatsapp Image 2022 11 26 At 9.09.16 Pm

By creating interesting and relevant names for your content, you will drive more people to your YouTube account using their curiosity! The quirkiness of your title can become a major factor that will motivate users to check out your content and eventually subscribe to your channel. Along with that, make sure you have improved the SEO characteristics of your naming:

  • Create keyword-rich titles, and implement them naturally to increase the visibility of your content
  • Use Google AdWords to find out what is interesting for your target audience
  • Keep it rather short. Don’t give out too much about your videos. About 50 characters will do
  • Avoid using the word “video”, as it only takes space and does nothing for ranking and discoverability.

Develop A Steady Schedule

Frequent uploading is a base that helps to grow your profile on YT. Users on YouTube love bloggers who stick to a strict schedule. The most comfortable and popular frequency for uploading new videos is once a week. However, you should aim to release 2-3 videos a week. This depends on the kind of content that you produce and your creative capacities. Never push yourself out of the limits – it will exhaust you and lower your creativity. Find what is comfortable for you individually, and stick to that. If you create something worthy, it will be ok for people to wait for it – they still will be eager to subscribe to your channel.

Add A Trailer

A YouTube trailer is a short presentation of your channel that can be added to the main page of your channel. Here you can briefly present yourself and explain why your channel is just what a viewer needs. Try to keep it within the limit of one minute. Give your potential subscribers a reason to follow you and stay on your channel for a longer time, exploring your content. The trailer requires good speech, so it will be better to use a script rather than improvised material. In analytics, watch for viewer retention rate to see if you are actually killing it, and alter your trailer until it is a perfect instrument for increasing subscribers number.


There are several strategies you may use to grow your channel’s subscriber base, and there is always a possibility to do that with third-party services, which can be a great start. But in the end, your goal is not just to gain bigger numbers. Your ultimate need is to make all this mass of people interested in your content and interact with it all the time. Having a huge number is not enough for YouTube algorithms to increase your rating, you will have to make it a live and dynamic community. Don’t get upset if you are not getting too many followers. It is better to work for quality, so as to increase the value of your content.

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