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Creative Ways to Monetize Your Passion for Travel as a Student

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Being a student is quite exciting. College years are turbulent times, but they generally end up being the most memorable and impactful in our lives. Aside from the knowledge we get, we also make our first steps in adult life, learning to be independent. This time is also crucial for socialization, as we learn how to express ourselves and stand for our views and opinions. 

But when we think of all those things, we imagine staying in one place. Spending several years on the same campus with the same people. What if you have other plans? What if you want to enjoy traveling around the world? While that may seem impossible at first glance, as soon as you start digging deeper, you will learn that it’s rooted more in reality than in dreams.

  • Study Abroad
  • Attend Conferences
  • Semester at Sea

Aside from all those variants, you can embrace digitalization and continue studying at your college online while traveling. The only problem you have in this case is how to finance a lifestyle like that. In brief, digitalization will come in handy here again. 

So, let’s learn in detail how it can help and why you’re lucky if “write my essay for me” was a frequent request from your fellow students. After all, it’s all about your talents and hidden potential. 

Blog About Your Travels

If you’re passionate about traveling, it’s unlikely that you can hold down the desire to talk about your experience abroad. Well, no one is trying to hold you down. Moreover, talking about your traveling experience is pretty much welcomed, especially if you want to have income that will allow you to continue your journeys. You can blog about your travels. 

That’s why being good at writing essays can come in handy. Writing about things you may or may not be interested in is one thing, and writing about things you’re passionate about is another. Still, writing essays might give you the necessary discipline that you will find extremely useful when blogging. 

So, what do you do? Well, an obvious option is to search for travel blogger vacancies. Google will give you several thousand variants. But jobs like that mean that you will be required to write about particular places. Also, you will have to meet certain requirements, like the number of words. Moreover, you won’t be able to write what you want explicitly. What are the other options?

Another option would be starting your own website, where you will share your experience and travel tips. While it may seem that the travel blogging niche is too competitive, sites like your prospective one grow rapidly and enjoy good traffic all year round. Just make sure that your writing is unique and that your experience and tips are valuable. But learning a thing or two about SEO is required. 

Becoming a YouTuber

No one says writing is the only way to share your traveling experience. Yeah, blogging is great, but hey, vlogging is even better. Yes, the complaints about YouTube and what it considers to be monetizable and not are quite frequent nowadays. But that doesn’t mean YouTube is anywhere near becoming a platform that new content creators don’t trust. Also, channels on traveling are unlikely to get demonetized. 

Vlogging about your travels is a nice addition to books, documentaries, and blogs about journeys. And people enjoy watching YouTube channels about traveling. Thus, the niche of travel vlogging is as competitive as its blogging counterpart. But that doesn’t mean you have no chance of gaining popularity there. There are three things that can help you:

  • Sponsorship;
  • Information products;
  • Affiliate marketing.

You may have an idea of how those things work, especially if you’re following some YouTube channels. But in case you’re oblivious to it, let’s talk about it in more detail. 


Sponsorship is one of the primary sources of income for not only travel-centered but most YouTube channels. As YouTube channels generally demonstrate rapid growth in popularity, various brands use it to their advantage. Viewers of the channel can get acquainted with the products of a particular brand while watching the video. 

One thing, though, is that you have to have a huge number of subscribers to be approached by the brand. For a brief period of time, you will have to rely on YouTube monetization while your fan base is growing. 

But if your channel displays a steady growth in the number of subscribers, you can suggest your brand for partnership yourself. You can easily find platforms like Looking for Sponsors, which helps content creators connect with brands.

Information Products

The reason brands are trying to promote their products on YouTube is the immense trust that is present between the content creator and their viewers. But you can use it to your benefit if you have any information products of your own. You can create an online course for prospective travelers or content creators. You can also write a book on traveling tips and promote it through your channel. 

Release the book in the e-book format, promote it on your channel, and it will generate a passive income for quite a long time. The income generated from the YouTube channel will allow you to continue your studies while enjoying new trips that will give you enough material for your new videos. 

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another way to gain passive income through your YouTube channel. There are a lot of travel-related businesses interested in promoting their services or products through YouTube channels. 

Affiliate marketing works differently from sponsorship, as here, you get a commission from a product or service sale. And some brands offer quite lucrative commissions. 

Final Thoughts

Creative Ways To Monetize Your Passion For Travel As A Student

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So, here you have it: two creative ways to monetize your passion for traveling. Both ways will generate enough income for you to continue studying and traveling around the globe. In both cases, essay writing will help you immensely. Blogging requires good writing, and vlogging requires good scripting. Still, you need to have a natural story-telling talent. 

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