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Crime Aur Shringar?: See How This YouTuber Was Successfully Combining These Two Distant Subjects

There are usually topics that don’t go hand in hand, like talking about crimes and giving a makeup class, but this YouTuber found it easy to mix them up

For some people, there are few things more comfortable than watching a makeup tutorial. youtube And enjoy a few moments of escapism. Then there are people who love makeup videos with stories of corrupt killers and their crimes.

Feeling crazy?

Not for the K 6.4 million subscribers Bailey SarianAs an interview on BBC Mundo indicates, a Los Angeles makeup artist turned out to be a true expert in crimes.

His YouTube videos combine these two conflicting themes into a series called Murder, Mystery & Makeup (“murder, mystery and makeup”) and have moved from a hobby to a full-time job which, among other things, has led them to settle with companies such as Netflix,

He himself is surprised at the success of mixing and combining these subjects.

The 33-year-old herself is surprised that YouTube and crime stories have become her daily routine.

“I thought it would be cool to make money from YouTube to pay some bills,” Sarian tells the BBC. “Now that I’m here with over 6 million customers, that’s a lot. I never thought it would be like it is today.” how you do it?

The premise of his videos is simple. Sarian sits in front of the camera, puts on her makeup and talks about a real-life crime story.

Each video required an enormous amount of research, so much so that she now employs someone to help her, including information from court transcripts or police interviews.

The most popular video in the series is about the infamous American serial killer Jeffrey DahmerWho killed 17 men and boys between 1978 and 1991, and who talks about Sarian as he forms a form of glowing green eyes.

That video has got more than 22 million views. In all, Saryan has 800 million views on his YouTube channel.

But why does it work?

Sarian isn’t too sure: “To be honest, that’s one thing I haven’t figured out yet: why people love the combination with makeup.”

The irony is that it all happened by chance.

Chris Watts Murder

Until about three years ago, Sarian mainly uploaded beauty tutorials to her channel, which started in 2013.

She interspersed YouTube videos with her work as a professional makeup artist.

After tying up with a beauty subscription company IpsySarian was able to rely more on YouTube for his earnings, although he continued to work as a freelancer on occasion.

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Then in 2018, a story emerged about a Colorado man named Chris Watts who was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murders of his pregnant wife, Shannon, and their two young daughters, Bella and Celeste.

It was a shocking crime that received worldwide coverage, but Sarian wanted to find out how someone had gone from a perfect husband to killing their family.

I was too nervous to talk about it. After all, internet trolls are no joke. To combat this, she did what she’s always done: put on makeup.

“I was just doing it because I was uncomfortable talking to the camera and wanted to be busy,” she says.

She was even more nervous about the reaction, which she expected would be horrifying: “I was putting on makeup and talking about horrible crimes, it just didn’t make sense.”

However, within 24 hours I knew that as the number of viewings increased, I was about to do something different. Watts’ video ended with 10 million views.

“So I thought, ‘Let me try again with a different story and see if it works out the same way.’ So it just happened, I kept going and had more and more customers every week,” he recalls.

some behind the scenes

Ruth TullyA forensic psychologist in the UK who has worked on serious crime cases thinks the combination works as many of us look at the material today.

We can have one eye on the TV and the other on our phone or tablet.

“On the one hand, it’s doing something that, in itself, can be very appealing to people: watching someone put on makeup, like kids watching an unboxing video. So people are able to see that element for themselves. interested, but also telling the story,” Tully says.

“We’re thinking about the crime element that she’s discussing, but there’s also some scenes to watch that aren’t too scary and can be really engaging in a way,” he says.

There is also demographics. Between January and June 2020, 60% of those viewing true crime content on YouTube were women.

Sarian says the majority of his video viewers are women, with the largest group aged 25-35, followed by 18-25-year-olds.

“There are some ideas as to why women in particular might be attracted to it,” Tully says.

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Forensic psychologists say, “In part it has been described as a way to process our anxiety, as a way to protect ourselves. And it may also be due to a lack of trust in the system for some women.” Is.”

epidemiological factor

The COVID pandemic also increased subscriber counts, as confinement caused the destruction of television series, movies and anything else that could kill time.

When former US President Donald Trump declared a national emergency in March 2020, Sarian had just over 780,000 subscribers. At the end of the year it reached 3.5 million and now it has almost doubled.

“There was nothing to see,” says Sarian.

“Everyone was on YouTube and people started finding my channel and watching all my videos, and I got a lot of messages and comments from people saying, ‘You got me through the quarantine.

He has also expanded the scope of his career.

Sarian is now working with Audioboom on an award-winning podcast and video series called black history (“Dark History”)

One of the episodes is “Who Stole Grandma’s Body? The Doctors’ Riots of 1788.”

He has also struck a deal with Netflix on his YouTube channel where he watches a movie and tries to figure out who is to blame. He says that he got the contract because someone from the company came on his channel.

Most of the true crime stories you talk about have real victims behind them. Does Sarian ever feel exploitative?

“Now that my channel has grown, I feel like I have more responsibility for what I say, so my approach is to focus more on the killers and not mention the victims as much or show pictures of them.”

“I feel like I can’t speak for him until I speak directly to the family. He’s lived such a long life, why be remembered for it?” they ask.

Actually, people related to some of the matters mentioned by him have contacted him. “There’s always been a great response,” he says, but if someone linked with a crime is hurt by a video, he says he’ll remove it “no questions asked.”

What will happen next? BBC Mundo said another dark history series from Serian is coming on August 3 and it wants to take murder, mystery and make-up to a bigger platform, perhaps a streaming service.

“But honestly, I’m not sure,” she admits. “I’m just hooked after this trip.”

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