Cristian Castro jumped off the stage of Canta Conmigo Now and the studio was in a tizzy: “Don’t do that!”

this thursday, Participant Martin Abascal achieved what seemed impossible in the first four festivals of sing with me now: Almost unanimous support of the jury, including the affirmative vote of the solicitor Alejandro Parker.

Uruguay performed “Now Who” by Mark Antony, and managed to move most of the 100 jurors, including Cristian Castro, who jumped off the stands to hug him,

“The stage is my passion. There is nothing in life that matters more to me. I’ve been looking for a comeback for years, so I’m very happy about this opportunity and today i have come to find my place”, the 32-year-old singer and actor said before his performance in the new cycle of Marcelo Tinelli Por Altres.

Martin Abascal Interpretation in Sing With Me Now (Altres)

After the performance, the whole studio cheered for the vote of Alejandro Pekar, who had not yet been rocked by any artist, rose from his chair and was applauded by his colleagues: “I think Martin did a great job. I saw that there was a connection between what he was saying and what he was doing”, Parker later said show partnerAlso by Altres.

Jury members such as El Polaco, Anto Cirillo, Caro Ibarra and Heidi expressed their gratitude to the artist for such a presentation, Marcelo Tinelli He spoke to the Mexican singer: “Christian (Castro) you sang the whole song with himAnd the celebrity, who attracted attention with her green hair, expressed: “i want to hug you” And the driver invited her to come out and hug.

Cristian Castro jumps off the stage of Canta Conmigo Now and the studio is in turmoil

However, no one expected his reaction: the Mexican, instead of exiting one side of the imposing stage, took a more direct route and, with the help of his allies, jumped under his chair, until he reached the end of the stage. did not reach the centre. study. ,No, not from there, Christian please. Do not do this!”, Marcelo Tinelli told him, while Castro did all kinds of stunts so as not to cut the microphone cable.

,hug the one who sang you the whole song”, at last Tinelli told him and the singers merged in a heartfelt embrace. ,I felt that you are centered, happy, with spirit. You broadcast a lot so it makes me want to hug you”, expressed the Mexican participant, who thanked him for the words.

Another curiosity occurred to Candela Tinelli during the Uruguayan singer’s performance: “I want to talk because something very crazy happened to me. I am very sensitive and I got very involved in this, so I hung up. I just saw that the lyrics of the song were over and I didn’t get there, but I swear it’s not real. i forgot“, Exactly. For his part, his partner Coty said: “I loved it. Very well chosen theme, he is also an artist who knows how to choose your theme. Looks like this theme It was written for them, so that’s a good thing about an interpreter.

Martín Abascal, who lived in Buenos Aires for 13 years, scored 95 points, however, he had to compete again in the “Sing Off” against Ioannis Biblos to be in the final with Karen Lara. On this second occasion he performed “I will resist” and achieved 84, which helped him stay in the competition.

It should be noted that his participation in the network was widely commented on by his well-known people. He went through Buenos Aires magazine, most notably in a work he shared with Carmen Barbieri, with whom he ended up in a crude fight.


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