Cristiano and neymar birthday

cristiano and neymar birthday

As the universe would have it, they were both born on February 5, seven years apart. They speak the same language on and off the court, but they spend day and night comparing their careers, their methods, their lives.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar The Portuguese share star status, abundant talent and luck, but they couldn’t be more different in their professional aspects.

Football curiosities

At 39, Cristiano has topped the Arab League and surprised Al-Nassr with 44 goals in 50 games. In fact, he has never scored less than 20 goals in any season and has been obsessed with titles and success ever since he started his career.

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His celebration is quite a secretive one, in fact neither he nor his partner share pictures of how they celebrate the day. It was always like this: a cake, dahlias, babies and little else.

In contrast, Neymar Jr. was the most expensive transfer in history (from FC Barcelona to PSG) and it seems that some of his competitive spirit was left along the way. He won little and everything locally in Paris and is now at Al-Hilal, but barely scored a goal in 5 games before suffering a serious knee injury, from which he is still recovering.

Of course, throwing a party in Brazil surrounded by his noisy friends, family, his daughter and his girlfriend Bruna was no problem. He invited everyone to a party dressed up in glittering costumes and even organized a casino for himself and his ‘partners’. Your priorities are clearly changing…

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