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Cristina’s fury and suspicion with Alberto that the “resignation” originated in the United States

Christina condemned, alberto crippled, wart tormented, This is a troubling panorama of the leadership of the Frente de Todos. All three are barely in the middle of a political battle Concealed by so-called “solidarity” for his grave judicial mistake with Vice, The minister cuts fines and counts bills: he worries about the drought of the dollar and the fragility of the exchange rate. Christina is furious. Tuesday night she rocked the “faithful” and harshly remembered Alberto. “I’m not going to be a candidate,” she said, “but neither is Alberto.”

The Vice President does not forgive the President for violating the intimate—and main—political pact between the two. Cristina made a secret pact with Alberto in April 2019. “Doc” promoted the candidacy of the now-president with his candidate’s central commitment: that once elected he would Use the power of the Casa Rosada to work on the courts and eliminate all causes of corruption Against Vice and his family. In other words, a penalty waiver agreement.

But Tuesday’s sentencing confirmed that that settlement had not been met. Cristina is angry with Alberto and blames everything on him: “He’s a traitor”, and adds: “He didn’t move a finger”, Afterwards, he continues a string of insults and insults to the President.

In Alberto’s environment, although they would never say it publicly, they perceive the vice sentence with some satisfaction. sentence is blow to christina Because it creates its own negative image which remains on top. The President loves to compare positions and defend his integrity. “I don’t even have a complaint about corruption”He boasts.

La Rosada’s Legal Vision

In Olivos they say that Vice’s defense strategy was “a mamarracho”. They insist that there were egregious tactical errors and that the line was fueled by Christina’s Pride and Confusion, His initial response to Tuesday’s tough ruling was complex and confusing: He was nervous, insecure and totally out,

His main thesis of a “conspiracy of the powerful” against him pales in the face of the overwhelming evidence. He was never able to refute Diego Luciani’s complaint. In the Senate they fear for a version that is already being heard in the courts. that an appeal before cassation would allow Cristina to buy time, but in the end the conviction for corruption would be confirmed.

Alberto Fernandez Was In Montevideo At The Mercosur Summit When He Learned Of The Sentence Against Cristina.  Photo: Presidential Office

Alberto Fernandez was in Montevideo at the MERCOSUR summit when he learned of the sentence against Cristina. Photo: Presidential Office

Cristina continues with her bad mood at the barbecue in Ensenada. La Vice was critical of his environment and questioned the inaction of La Campora, the mayors and their fanatical “Guercas”. He was careful with his words and refrained from giving proper names, but contemptuously he said: “Very Christina, But They Do Nothing”,

This was after their demand: “Meet the military, take to the streets, do politics.” At the conclave, Vice once again gave a clear indication of his priorities. on his side he put axel kisiloff already pedro vado, Cristina promotes both: she wants Axel to become a presidential candidate and Vado to move to Buenos Aires.

America’s Eye

Wall Street reports don’t believe Christina. In his texts he speaks of his “resignation”, a reaction of anger resulting from an outcry and his frustration at the punishment. These are confidential reports from JP Morgan, UBS, Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse.

“The Papers” indicate that Christina’s angry reaction is due to the fact that Vice Hate to look myself in the sad mirror Carlos Menem that to the end he had to become a senator in order to retain his privileges.

In the “red circle” they are concerned about the whole political issue. They fear that Vice’s bigotry will again complicate the governance of Casa Rosada. and weak economy. Businessmen say the economic crisis is deep and political uncertainty could affect the final stages of Alberto’s fractious management.

The political question was – accurately – the central theme of the secret meeting that Clarin anticipated between Massa and the heads of the Group of 6: Argentina’s factory, agricultural and financial leaders. The barbecue was made on the Monday before the ruling at Eduardo Ernakian’s home. The minister attended alone. Daniel Funes of Rioja suggested that Vice’s attitude could be tainting the field. Masa cut it short: “Christina’s support for my management has been strong and important. She is reality, the other is fiction.”,

It had been a long time since we met. Alcohol broke formalities and protocols. Gustavo Weiss fired: “Sergio, can you be a presidential candidate?” The minister returned with his words: “I am not going to be a candidate.” And then he argued: “If inflation does not decrease significantly, the Frente de Todos has no electoral chance”, By the way, he tarred the intern of Together for Change: “Patricia is on top of Horacio.”

The establishment went in deep, as they see that things are going wrong. That wart avoided precipitation, but that the economy is still steps away from the abyss. The main suspect was, once again, the central axis of volatility: the lack of a credible exchange rate policy and millionaire debt maturing in pesos.

IMF confirms another advance of itself Bugle By approving the goals. but in that text he warned that everything is wired, Luis Cubedu expressed this in a document for the IMF Board. “Upgraded, but the macroeconomic situation is still fragile,” he wrote. He then called for a “competitive” dollar and questioned the shares: “The temporary administrative exchange measures should be eased.”

“Isidorito” – as they called the head of the UIA – was pressing the issue in front of Massa. Distraught, he said: “Can you comply with the delivery of the dollar?” At UIA they know that 162 companies are already seriously affected by the BCRA stock. Natalio Grinum of the Chamber of Commerce supported “Isidorito”.

Massa merely muttered: “Let’s comply.” But the issue started a troubling conversation about the exchange rate uncertainty that exists and that the economy has not been able to overcome. Lack of clear policy feeds volumes of devaluation.

The issue revolves around the market. Emmanuel Álvarez Aegis—with the support of various businessmen—instigates a kind of “summer plan”. contained in Devaluation, hike in rates and wages and freeze everything till election,

Massa quickly retorted: “Those are illusions, those who bet on devaluation are the losers.”

Horacio Rodríguez Larreta traveled to Washington and will have a summit with an envoy from Kristalina Georgieva. Milagros Mylin—his partner—joins Electoral Command and is at odds with “Pelado’s traitors”.

America wants to avoid the collapse of Argentina. IMF acknowledges that the crisis continues and that Maturity in peso is now the most serious problem, $400,000 million maturing on Wednesday and a total of $10 trillion in 2023. Adelmo Gabbi and Jorge Brito talked about the issue at Ernakians home. The head of the stock exchange shot: “It’s a mountain of silver”,

The economy focuses on Pay Wednesday. There were secret meetings and negotiations between Massa and the “capos” of the banks. Everything was done in complete secrecy and discretion. The foreign bankers led by Claudio Cesario and the citizens led by Javier Bolzico know how fragile the game is. you have to defuse a bomb that is about to explode,

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