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Critique of The White House Plumber, a satire of the biggest political scandal in the United States

May begins interesting on HBO Max with the arrival of one of them series That, just for the sake of its cast, it’s worth spending a little time on them.

is about white house plumber a chain that will take us in and out watergate scandal The overthrow of President Richard Nixon would end after several years of playing cat and mouse with the authorities.

The two producers and writers of Veep, Alex Gregory and Peter Hueck Take the book Integrity: Good People, Bad Choices, and Life Lessons from the White House by Bud Egil and Matthew Krog and turn it into a story with satirical overtones.

Today on Hobby Console we’ve got you white house plumber review, Will this combination be able to conquer the platform’s catalogue?

America’s biggest political scandal

By now, anyone who has opened a contemporary history book in their life has read something about the Watergate scandal, the theft of Democratic Party documents that gave way to an institutional battle with President Richard Nixon as the epicenter.

And it is that, although the United States of America does not even have a history of 250 years as an independent nation, the scandals and controversies documented in films and series are no less.

White House plumbers follow two criminals who stole documents at the Watergate complex, Howard Hunt (woody harrelson) y gordon liddy (Justin Theroux).

Along with other accomplices, this duo of a former CIA agent and a former member of the FBI will accomplish the impossible: overthrow the president whose office they were trying to protect.

An odd combination that doesn’t quite work

new series of though List Alex Gregory and Peter Hueck have chosen to bring a satirical tone to the series as HBO Max explores one of the most dark, sinister and shameful events in American political history.

It could have done a better job, but The White House Plumber blends together so many styles in a framework based on true events that it can’t make sense and, often, she travels by herself,

Sometimes we watch a companion film, sometimes a spy thriller with hints of clumsy comedy, and in other cases it seems that we are watching a film from Ocean’s saga.

The series does have weird moments, we’re not denying that, but it gives almost all of its characters such normality that it makes you think, but not in the sense that White House Plumbers intended.

If we forget that the series was sold as a “biographical drama”, not bad product, Unfortunately, the cartoonish depiction of various historical figures, particularly the infamous conspirators, obscures the original intent.

A luxury cast that shines despite the circumstances

presence of woody harrelson (Welcome to Zombieland) Woody Harrelson’s starring role in White House Plumber adds to the satirical tone of the HBO Max series.

However, series like True Detective have shown us that the actor has a brutal dramatic record that could have been brilliant in this story.

on the other hand we have justin theroux (The Leftovers, Pagal), who form the second half of this lead pair. As a comedy duo for a buddy movie, they fit in perfectly. Its work. However, we stress the core problem the miniseries has: a plethora of genres stepping on each other.

Los Plumbers de la Casa Blanca also have cool names like Lena Headley like (game of thrones) dorothy hunt the wife of Woody Harrelson’s character, or Domhnall Gleeson (Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens, The Patient) as john dean Nixon brings White House advisers Joe Hunt and Liddy into the plot.

Despite the great resources available to The White House Plumber and the excellent setting and soundtrack, this hodgepodge of styles hinders the experience, though it is balanced slightly by the excellent cast.

If we disconnect the chip and just look at it as entertainment content, the HBO Max series better survive the furniture. It’s true that if we want to take things more seriously, there are dozens of movies that have touched on the Watergate scandal.

However, The White House Plumber would have done well to synthesize a few more aspects of its characters. It’s an enjoyable series, but don’t take it too seriously, as it doesn’t do too well at times. today is the first The five episodes that will make up the HBO Max miniseries,

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