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Cruz Contreras, the Mexican who animates Oscar-worthy films

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last Tuesday, Cruz Contreras He was startled by a handful of messages on his phone. He began to think, even, the worst. But the opposite happened, because the filmsea ​​monster‘, where he collaborates, was nominated for Oscar Awards 2023,

in interview with Millennium, Cruz Contreras talked about the third time that one of the things he did has been recognized academia,

,I did not expect“He assures.”I knew the Oscar nominations were coming this week, but I had no idea they were coming tomorrow.

,So, I woke up, I woke up with a lot of messages and it was ‘Who died?’“, he recalled.

As he himself reflects, “the competition is very tough” for this installment of the Oscars. ‘Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio’, ‘Marcel the Shell with Shoes On’, ‘Puss in Boots: Last Wish’ and ‘Raid’ Those films are in the final stages of statue, but he sees great potential for the production available on Netflix.

“I think ‘Monstroo del Mar’ is one of the most difficult projects I’ve been in; I think it’s within my top three, We put a lot of effort into the film, the technology that was developed ‘Sea Monster’ is something new, The way the ocean works is something new; The way the wires work was a technology that took a long time to develop,” he said.

Besides the Oscars,sea ​​monster‘ has been nominated for Annie Awards – for Best Animation – in six categories best movieThat’s why you have high hopes.

,Competition is tough, and it’s good that the competition is like this because we’re competing against the best of the best.“, Identify.

Cruise’s work is so extensive that some people have no idea what it involves. Guerrero’s mancharacter effects artist‘, that is, it is responsible for giving a touch of reality to the hair and clothes of the characters in animated films.

,I was working on the characters’ clothes and hair (…) and everything that moves like clothes or hair. In the case of the ‘Sea Monster’ it was also the sails of the boats and lots of ropes.“, Understand.

Originally from Iguala, Guerrero, Contreras studied animation at Tecnológico de Monterrey to later take some courses abroad., However, it found its place in dynamic simulation, i.e. “Physics based animations of all kinds,

,Cloth moves like this… Or fire moves like this because of its physical properties, because of air, because of gravity, because of it. So that when people go to see a movie in the theatre, they see it and don’t come out saying ‘oops, it’s looking fake’,

Very far

But Contreras’s fate was not by chance. Cruz found his vocation thanks to the fact that, as a child, he went to see harry potterThe movie, to the effect of the mantra, is created with particle simulation:”it’s something i could do“, accept it.

Cruz’s career shifted to commercials and then to creating 3D models for electrical engineers. Even then, he wanted to make movies And one day, when he had nothing to do, he found his way knocking on the door.

,There came a time when I said ‘I don’t want to do this’… I mean, I didn’t study animation to do this, right? i want to make movies“, Remember.

,One day, when I had nothing to do while working, I put together demo reelThere’s a compilation of my best work, and I’ve sent it around the world to see who will get it.”

after more than 80 mail Sent And a month later, an offer came for a studio in Vancouver and later, she got the opportunity to join sony pictures,

‘The Dark Tower’ was his first film. Although it was not well received by critics or the public – it currently has a 15 percent rotten Tomatoes-, Meaning Cruise’s first major career move,

“It was a dream come true. I mean, I I can’t believe I’m working on a movie that was actually about to release in theaters“, he tells. “During the first months, I knew that I was working, that they told me ‘Here, let me play’ (…) andIt wasn’t until the first trailer came out that I said ‘what I’m doing is coming to the screen’ (…) It was then that twenty fell on me,

when the movie came Cruise spent her crying “from start to finish”Because he could not believe that his work would be screened in theaters around the world.

The memory is still valid, because a year and a half ago he visited Mexico and during a bus transfer, he guessed’dark tower‘ To enliven the journey from Cuernavaca to Guerrero: “You know when one of your movies comes on the bus it’s because you’ve already“Siri.

In addition to this harry potter, movies of disney and who like superheroes Spider Man Cruise had his inspirations, not knowing that one day he would be a part of the Spider hero variation, not just the universe.

And it is that, over the years, ‘Spider-Man: A New Universe’ and ‘Beyond the Moon’ appeared in lists academia, Both, with the distinction of having the Mexican to his credit.


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