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Thursday, May 6, 2021

CT scan to check for corona infection, so be careful, it is very dangerous

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New Delhi: India’s medical system has been severely hampered by the second wave of the Corona epidemic. The situation is that even in the investigations of Corona, there is no confidence in the people. This is because in one investigation a person is told to be corona infected, and in another investigation the same person is told to be free from corona. This is the reason why in many places another test is being recommended after RT-PCR test to confirm whether the person is corona infected or not.

This time another probe has been added to the order of these tests, CT scan. With the help of CT scan, it can be checked how much corona virus has affected a person’s lungs. Due to this, the trend of CT scan is being seen in most of the corona patients. So that in time it can be known that Corona virus has not caused much damage to their lungs.

But now health sector experts have issued a warning that a CT scan can prove to be very harmful for others except for the advice of the doctor or more serious patients.

AIIMS director Dr. Randeep Guleria, while sharing information about this said that – CT-scan and biomarker are currently being misused. There is no benefit in having a CT-scan if you have mild symptoms. A CT-scan is equivalent to 300 chest X-rays, it is very harmful.


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