Cuban accused of robbery in Florida deported to island and blames Biden Gov

Cuban accused of robbery in Florida deported to island and blames Biden Gov.

Despite the fact that immigration experts assure that Cubans with I-220A, parole or bond are at no risk of being deported to the island, the case of a man who was deported despite being “paroled” Recently appeared. order”.

This is Ernesto Pedroso Martínez, one of the Cubans returned by the United States this week, who does not understand how he was deported to Havana, despite having an I-220A.

He said in a direct statement, “They gave me I-220A, I have entered twice and they have given me I-220A twice and now for a simple nonsense they brought me here, they happily let me go.” deported for.” Shared by journalist Javier Diaz.

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However, the “rubbish” it is returned for is not such. The Cubitano outlet recalls that Pedroso Martinez was among those arrested in October 2022 for allegedly robbing victims of a hurricane in Fort Myers.

A note from the Lee County Sheriff’s Office attests to this: “Ernesto Pedroso Martinez (08/01/1988) and Noel Morales (02/02/1968) went from Homestead to Fort Myers, claiming they were cleaning up after the storm.” Was going to help . However, he was seen stealing items in front of a local business and loading them onto a trailer.”

Cuban with I-220A Deportation

Despite having committed the crime, Cuban did not understand why he was deported to Cuba and blamed the Biden government.

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“I don’t know why the United States has turned its back on me like this after sacrificing so much. Many people who commit felonies are released into the streets (…) The one who did nothing, the first time I had a problem, look, they brought me to Cuba. I don’t know what is happening in the United States with the Biden government,” he said.

The truth is that, to date, most lawyers who specialize in immigration matters agree that Cubans released with Form I-220A (Order of Parole) are not at risk of being returned to the island. Although there is a criminal record in this case.

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