Sunday, May 28, 2023

Cuban-Americans Dominguez and Cervantes with good wind in the United States

Undefeated in eight rounds and placed in the pawn squad of the 2022 United States Chess Championship, Cuban-American linear dominguezu He will leave in a few hours to settle a complicated duel with young Samuel Savian.

After matching up with Aleksandr Lendermann this ThursdayThe Idol of Guins will lead the clear pieces against an opponent who has the same number of points as him (4.5) and against whom he has a historical balance of two wins, one draw and one failure.

Three of those clashes have happened right in the northern national competition. Dominguez won 2019 with black, Savian followed suit the following year with a similar move, and in 2021 he signed a quiet draw.

The remainder of the match was in 2016, when Sévín was barely 16 years old and lost to Creole in the Spanish club championship.

of both It will be one of the highlights of the roundLenderman was paired against leader Fabiano Caruana (6 points) versus Avander Liang and runner-up Ray Robson (5.5).

For its part, promising GMF Thalia Servants – Born in Havana – will take white against Sabina-Francesca Foisser, her hunt in the previous edition of the event and the climbing position the day before at the expense of the famous Tateve Abrahamian.

Cervantes is currently in sixth place with four units and is ahead of the women’s quartet headed by Megan Lee, owner of six bars.

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