Cuban doctor Alexander Figueredo responded to the attacks in the official press


The exiled Cuban doctor Alexander Jesus Figueredo Izaguirre, whoho announced the trial of the regime against six surgeons from Bayamo, respondeded to an article in the official press that classified him as “a terrible student and an even worse doctor,” and he did so by listing all the things the regime benefited from his being a bad doctor.

“They tell me I’m a bad student, a bad specialist, and as a doctor,, it’s better not to talk about it. I’ll leave you with some evidence of what a bad doctor I am because it’s true, I used to be a lousy student,, and now I don’t thank that revolution for anything. I’m a terrible specialist who served two missions; I was the head of the CDI in one and the head of medical assistance in the other, teaching hundreds of students. I have been a bad doctor all my life now in the ‘enemy’ country, in cruel and cruel capitalism. I have been working as a doctor for almost two years, and I have more degrees than in Cuba.”Figueredo Izaguirre responded strongly.

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“Write all that, but also say that I am terrible at saving hundreds of lives, that I am terrible at the front line against COVID-19, that I am so bad that masochistic patients, even remotely, treat me, but they. lack In addition, tell the world that I am a terrorist against your dictatorship,” he said.

Alexander Figueredo stressed that one day he decided to “stop being complicit with their lies” and stood up to the people, and that’s what bothered them.

“People today know a lot of things that they didn’t know before thanks to awesome doctors like me who, when the time came, decided to serve people and not an oppressive, failed, and enslaving system with which we have been complicit and lied to for 64 years” he concluded.

Figueredo Izaguirre also explained that for several days he received attacks of all kinds from “those who love love and hate hate,” all since he disclosed the court case against the six doctors from the Carlos Manuel de Céspedes hospital in Bayamo.

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The doctor indicated that since then, all the official propaganda media in the dictatorship have taken it upon themselves to attack him to embarrass him in front of public opinion.

“Everywhere in the world it is called defamation and wherever it comes from it is actionable. Not in Cuba, in western Cuba the laws allow without evidence to offend, humiliate, despise, defame, even kill anyone who thinks which is different from them.” he insisted.

Havana Tribune published an article from a Facebook user Ernesto Cordoviwho presents himself on social networks as a doctor.

In his publication, Cordoví celebrated the Ministry of Public Health and assured that the trial doctors would have all the tools and conditions to present their arguments before the Court. He also pointed out that the case was used “from other shores, so as not to protect Cubans.”

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Cordoví attacked the complaints of many Cuban voices in exile especially against Dr. Alexander Figueredo, whom he described as a formidable professional.

“Alexander Figueredo, whose ideology I will not talk about, is a terrible undergraduate student, he is worse as a doctor at the 13 de Marzo Polyclinic and even worse as a resident of Urology. No one can blame anyone for what I said. ” I am ready to sincerely debate the issue because I know it,” said Cordoví.

“Well, it turns out that today there is no example of anything, that even two days ago this government was accused of not imprisoning a doctor for alleged medical negligence against his grandfather, now the self-appointed protector of doctors in Bayamo” he added.

His words were interpreted as part of a discredited scheme orchestrated by the Cuban government against anyone who spoke out against it.