Sunday, November 27, 2022

Cubans confront regime officials in Canada

a group of Cubans living in Canada Governance participating in the XV Men’s Volleyball Pan American Cup competitions in Gatineau, Ottawa this weekend clashed with officials.

Protests began in the semi-finals of the sporting event on Saturday. Outside the campus, Cuban exiles raised slogans such as “Down with Fidel Castro,” “Down with Raul Castro,” “Down with Communism,” and “Communists Get to Work.”

He assured regime officials that when Cuba became independent, all revolutionaries would be rejected. However, they did not get any response. The representatives of the communist country remained silent till they left the campus.

Among the representatives of the regime were Cuban ambassador to Canada Hector Igarza and National Volleyball League president Ariel Sainz.

“You should be ashamed, sir. You do not represent the Cuban people. In Cuba they must have sent the police to me. Traitors! People in Cuba have no food, they have no electricity, they go hungry, Children die in hospitals. And what are you doing? Get to work!”, one of the protesters shouted at them.

Protests continued in the finals of the volleyball Pan American Cup the next day. Cubans were not allowed to enter their team to play Slush Puppy Centerin Gatineau.

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One of the protesters was arrested by Canadian police, who deemed his behavior in a public place to be wrong. He later confirmed that the man was released on the same day without charges.

Facebook Canadian Cubans for Democratic Cuba

After finishing the men’s volleyball competition, the protesters once again faced government officials and the coaching staff attending the sporting event. Also, he congratulated the Cuban athletes who managed to win this Sunday Gold Medal in XV Pan American Cup,

Yanel Raul Nieves, a member of Canadian Cubans for a Democratic Cuba, invited compatriots from around the world to peacefully confront regime officials in public places; and demanding that they respond to the crisis and shortcomings faced by the Cuban people.

this group Cubans living in Canada He also starred in a protest last Tuesday in front of regime officials who attended a screening of the film El Mayor in Ottawa, the 2018 film dedicated to the Camaguayan patriot Ignacio Agarmonte y Loynaz.

“Wherever they go we are going, they are not going to colonize our places,” the migrants said.

The Cuban government received the men’s volleyball team in Havana this Monday. INDER officials reiterated that Cuba hailed the game’s success and added that “it expects more from them.”

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The World Championships in Slovenia and Poland from 26 August to 11 September is the next event of these champions.

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