Cuba’s purchases of the US surprised again

Buque de mercancías de EEUU entrando a la bahía de La Habana.

Figures for exports from the US to Cuba in October show a decrease in the acquisition of food products. and spending more than a million dollars on aerial reflectors, devices that support the navigation of airplanes and helicopters, and whose destination should be the facilities of the Government of Cuba.

According to figures offered by the Cuba-US Economic and Trade Council, Havana spent 1,135,439 dollars on reflectors as well as more modest numbers for sweaters, overalls, footwear, hair nets, umbrellas, turbochargers, and air conditioners.

Also included in the list of shopping cart industry products for the tenth month of the year are weighing machines, self-propelled electric work trucks, machines for working materials, and kitchen parts/stove/ oven.

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In addition to the aforementioned, the US Department of Agriculture appeared to a decrease in agricultural and food exports from that country to Cuba in October of about 26.3%influenced by the collapse of chicken meat purchases, which in that month closed the worst figure since June 2020.

The value of purchases in Havana’s northern neighborhood reached just $15,928,609a decrease compared to 20,852,560 in the same month of 2022 and 22,271,632 in October 2021.

The products included in this import are chicken and pork, pork fat, decaffeinated roasted coffee, fresh cheese, rice, icing sugar, baby preparations, juices, ice cream, gelatin, mineral water, detergents, and toilet paper.

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Apart from the aforementioned, In October, donations of about $2,745,566 arrived in Cuba (around 30 million in the ten months of 2023, more than the amount of the whole of 2022), as well as purchase of health products for $65,173.

Between January and October 2023, the US exported $268,733,465 in island products, more than the same period in 2022 ($256,057,483). Since December 2021, when Havana began to take advantage of the exceptions to the embargo introduced by the George W. Bush Administration, total exports amounted to 7,172,459,831 dollars.

Although the Government and the official press are silent about it, The US is now the sixth country in the world with the highest number of Island exports as revealed in the Cuban Statistical Yearbook for the year 2022, with figures made public by the state National Office of Statistics and Information (ONEI).

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In such figures, the US is placed above the countries of the Latin American region that have more political ties to Havana, such as Brazil (377,815,000 dollars in exports in 2022), Argentina (347,514,000 dollars) and Mexico (347,801,000).

All exports are permitted, despite the embargo, under the Trade Sanctions Reform and Export Enhancement Act (TSREEA) in 2000.

However, the ruling leadership and its media continue to blame Washington’s embargo against Havana for the hardships suffered by Cubans.