cured ham vs diabetes and high blood pressure

Hand sliced ​​ham.

One of the most typical foods in Spain and which is part of the Mediterranean diet ok hum, which is obtained after salting and air-drying the hind legs of a pig. We like it so much that we have doubts about how much we can eat and how many times a week, in short, it’s pork with a certain percentage of fat and salt. In Upper we have a . collected the findings of Study on whether consuming cured ham raises blood pressure Which, moreover, affects how it affects diabetic patients.

One thing we already know Not all hams are of equal quality, The difference lies in the origin and food of the pig as well as the process of its treatment. In Spain we distinguish between cured white pork ham, which includes cured ham, called serrano ham and consorio serrano ham, and cured Iberian pork ham, which is called Iberian ham.

cured ham vs diabetes and high blood pressure

At the San Antonio Catholic University of Murcia (UCAM), a team of researchers from the Chair of Cardiovascular Risk conducted the study “Serrano ham, beneficial for diabetes and hypertension” within the European Bacchus project, echoed in the 2018 journal Medical Writing was. After the analyzes done Some of the peptides present in the meat had long-term positive health effects, as in the case of serrano ham, were demonstrated., Among these positive effects, it was directly aimed at controlling diabetes and arterial hypertension.

as a reminder, diabetes It is a chronic metabolic disease in which “decreased secretion of the hormone insulin or decreased action leads to the production of excess glucose in the blood and urine”. refering to high blood pressure This is “extremely high pressure of blood on the wall of the arteries, which can lead to a heart attack or a brain hemorrhage”.

As highlighted in the findings of the work, a moderate consumption of serrano ham produces beneficial effects on blood pressure, because “It turns out that it contains certain peptides that are antihypertensive.In addition, it turns out that These peptides “possibly have an antidiabetogenic effect”.Generally, hypertensive patients are discouraged from including ham in their daily diet due to the high salt content. However, this statement was not maintained after investigation and even by the team of researchers. found that its consumption may also be beneficial for the control of diabetes and the control of cholesterol. When these complexes of ham are fully confirmed, it can be said that “it has excellent nutritional and heart-healthy properties.” is food”.

cured ham vs cardiovascular events

On the other hand, a few years ago, the University of Navarra studied “the consumption of cured ham and the incidence of cardiovascular episodes, hypertension or weight gain”. The team was composed of Miguel Ruiz-Canela López, Myra Bes-Rastrolo, Itzier Zazpe, Alfredo Martínez, Marta Cuervo and Miguel ngel Martínez-González, belonging to the various departments of the Faculty of Medicine and the Institute of Food Sciences.

The aim of this study was to evaluate the association between consumption of cured ham and the incidence of arterial hypertension, heart disease or weight gain., For six years, 13,293 university graduates participated and it was found that consumption of about four portions of ham per week did not interfere with cardiovascular events compared to consuming only one portion per week.

The same happened when analyzing high blood pressure and mean annual weight gain. In all of this, gender, age, total energy intake, Mediterranean dietary pattern, tobacco use, physical activity, as well as the body mass index with which each individual began participating in the analysis. So, It was determined that no evidence was found that consumption of cured ham was associated with cardiovascular risk, high blood pressure or weight gain.


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