Curious drug seizure in June

The president of the republic, Luis Abinedar, has made the fight against drug trafficking one of the main pillars of his administration, and he emphasized this point with a proclamation early last month.

On that day the president assured that the same amount of drugs had been confiscated in the past 20 months as during the 16 years when the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) was in power.

And, as a sign of an increase in seizures, during that June the National Directorate of Drug Control (DNCD) reported at least eight operations where they seized various packages of illegal narcotics.

Some of these cases, however, stood out for the originality of the alleged criminals while hiding illegal substances that went unnoticed when they were sent out of the country.

An example of this was reported on June 10 after the DNCD seized two packages of cocaine hidden inside two electric stoves at the US International Airport (AILA).

Agents were working in the area of ​​one of the terminal’s warehouses when a dog unit alerted them to foreign substances in two boxes being shipped to Miami, according to a statement issued by the Anti-Narcotics Unit.

Upon opening the boxes to find their contents, officers found two electric stoves, inside which were hidden packages of cocaine weighing 490 grams.

“Stoves were sent by a woman with an address on the side of Las Americas Highway, Santo Domingo Este, and will be received by a person resident of Park Terrace, Bridgeport, United States,” the letter detailed.

Five days later, and at the same AILA, officers confiscated more than a kilo of cocaine hidden in the tubes of two beach chairs. As in the previous case, the agents on duty traced the suspicious package and initiated the inspection protocol.

They later opened a box and found two beach chairs inside, whose tubes were filled with cocaine, weighing about a kilo, according to analysis by the National Institute of Forensic Sciences (INASIF).

Similarly, the chairs were to be sent to Miami in the name of a woman living in the municipality of Bani, and would be received by a man in Greenwood Street, Dorchester, United States.

eat bag
A day before Abineder’s announcement, the DNCD arrested a Dutch-Dominican in AILA who consumed 99 bags of drugs, possibly cocaine or heroin.

The 43-year-old was arrested before flying to Belgium, and after protocols were initiated for these cases, foreign substances were detected in his body.

Then the presence of suspicious images in his abdomen was confirmed, for which he was immediately transferred to the Central Hospital of the Armed Forces, where after several days he expelled 99 bags of the substance with an initial weight of 1.2 kg.


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