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CyberOne, the humanoid robot that recognizes people’s emotions, words and sounds

Cybervan Has The Ability To Recognize And Differentiate Sounds, Human Emotions And Sounds From The Surrounding Environment.  (Xiaomi)CyberOne has the ability to recognize and differentiate sounds, human emotions and sounds from the surrounding environment. (xiaomi)

technology company Xiaomi Introduced during a launch event held on 11 August, its first humanoid robot is said to be CyberOnein which r. have the ability to identify and differentiate Voices, human emotions and the sounds of the surrounding environment.

The human-sized robot measures 1.77 meters, weighs 52 kilograms and can support 1.5 kilograms in one hand as it has advanced arms and legs. In addition, its features include the ability to achieve a response speed of 0.5 ms in real time.

The company’s CEO Lei Jun indicated that the company’s creation humanoid robot It represents “a symbol of Xiaomi’s dedication to developing a centralized technology ecosystem and connecting it to the world in never-before-seen ways”.

During the research process to build the CyberOne robot, Xiaomi combined a variety of technologies Coming from various fields like Biomechatronics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), ‘Big Data’ apart from Bionic Cognition.

Cyberone Combines A Variety Of Technologies From Different Fields Such As Biomechatronics, Artificial Intelligence (Ai), 'Big Data' As Well As Bionic Cognition.  (Xiaomi)

CyberOne combines a variety of technologies from different fields such as Biomechatronics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), ‘Big Data’ as well as Bionic Cognition. (xiaomi)

The company claims that humanoid robots rely on “vision” to process their environment, so it uses a MiSense depth module developed for this robot, which is combined with an AI interaction algorithm.

The robot can maintain its balance while walking due to the bipedal control algorithm. Furthermore, the movement is produced by a 300 Nm power mechanical combined module, a high efficiency Its weight is only 500 grams.

In addition, the robot has a design in black and white tones, perceives 3D space and recognizes persons, gestures and expressions.

Xiaomi Ceo Lei Jun Hints At The Creation Of A Humanoid Robot

Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun indicated that the creation of the humanoid robot is a symbol of “the dedication to incubate a centralized technological ecosystem and connect it to the world in ways never before seen”. (xiaomi)

In this way, CyberOne has the ability to recognize and recognize 85 types of environmental sounds Up to 45 classifications of human emotions Because it is equipped with an environmental semantic recognition capability and an MIAI vocal human emotion identification engine. It is possible that this robot can detect happy or sad people.

All the functions of Xiaomi’s humanoid robot are integrated into CyberOne’s processing units, combined with curved OLED modules to display interactive information in real-time.

Tesla founder, Elon Musk It also has plans to build humanoid robots, although the difference between them and those made by Xiaomi is that what the billionaire company wants to produce may have such a distinctive feature as “personality”.

Elon Musk Is Planning To Build A Humanoid Robot

Elon Musk is planning to build a humanoid robot that can have distinctive feature such as a “personality”. (Tesla)

“We can download the things that we think make us unique. Now, of course, if you’re not in that body anymore, that will certainly make a difference, but As far as preserving our memories, and our personalities, I think we could have done that. Musk referred to the possibility of linking memories and the personality of a person.

Tesla hopes to be able to produce a certain number of these robots. at the end of 2021Musk mentioned the possibility of humanizing robots. “Over time, the bot can take on a different personality,” he said, “not that all robots are the same. That personality, or whatever you want to call it, can be tailored to the owner.”

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