Cynthia Fernandez reveals who paid for her daughter’s hospitalization in Punta Canas

And he explained: “There is one thing I want to talk about and I don’t want you to get confused. I’m going to tell you honestly, I paid for it. I am sorry to do this as it saved my child’s life to a great extent.”

“What happened to me is that I had a strange obsession with health insurance before traveling and it turned out that my best friend traveled to the United States and hired them and told me ‘hire them, they have been fine.” He opened up about the medical coverage he contracted for traveling with his daughters.

“I hired them, glad to pay for it and it sucks for me to pay for it. I want to publicize them as my gesture because of what they drilled into the head of Punta Cana medical center, Whose attention was very bad”He added.

and she closed in on the doctors at the clinic where they treated francisca, “They lost an IV, my daughter’s vein didn’t accept it, it clearly rejected it, it was an inflammation, the medicine didn’t pass so my daughter didn’t improve, they forgot the antibiotic, they Did everything wrong. What they did to my daughter was medical negligence: they filed a summary against her, because of what happened they are going to take legal action.

Cynthia Fernandez

Cynthia Fernandez reveals who paid for her daughter's hospitalization in Punta Canas

Cynthia Fernandez sets the trap on fire with her microbikini from Punta Canas

In a subtle bikini, and from a super playful angle, Cynthia Fernandez He surprised his followers and showed off his idol figure, which is the result of the rigorous training he shared on his social networks.

So happy and grateful after the holiday of my youngest daughter, Cynthia Managed to relax a bit and relax from the maelstrom. In the post, she is seen wearing a short swimsuit in gold tones, which according to what she has announced will be a part of the capsule that she will be introducing soon.

In addition to images from Caribbean beaches, Cynthia She also shared her little girl’s progress on her Instagram account in a video in which she is seen Francesca Defederico Entered the pool for the first time. They have this pool in their room, which they use only.

Cynthia Fernandez.jpg

Cynthia Fernandez reveals who paid for her daughter's hospitalization in Punta Canas


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