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Cyrusher Trax is the best off-road hybrid electric bike in 2013

Cyrusher Trax is the best hybrid electric bike on the road in 2023 with the highest performance parameters, with a unique aesthetic and equipped with high-performance components.

In mid-February 2023, Cyrusher, an e-bike manufacturer operating in the e-bike industry, has an even greater surprise for riders with the introduction of Trax, an off-road electric bike with high performance parameters; designed with a unique aesthetic and equipped with powerful high-performance components to provide riders with the most efficient option for riding in the great outdoors.

Cyrusher Trax is the best off-road hybrid electric bike in 2013

2023 Cyrusher Trax in Detail

Powerful motor

The drive is still powered by a powerful 750W Bafang motor, which ensures a smooth ride even on uneven terrain and especially on mountain trails. The powerful rear axle makes it look like an electric mountain bike.

Ample battery storage

The bike is equipped with the largest 52V 20Ah battery in the category, giving the bike enough energy storage for the duration of the ride. Compared to the Ovia 52V 17Ah, Trax raises the battery specification standard for stepper e-bikes to 52V 20Ah. This way it conveys a certain power because it is richly ridden and shows the high standard of Cyrus leading the way on a long distance touring road. The lithium battery has passed CE and Rohs tests to ensure its reliability and safety.

Fixed shock absorption

It is the shock absorption system that allows the electric scooter to provide a comfortable ride. The head-scraping suspension system will smooth out most of the bumps in the road, allowing for a safer and smoother ride. The truck is equipped with an upgraded and updated rear air suspension. It replicates the most powerful Ranger setup and gives the bike more power and more comfort in the ride. In addition to being an all-terrain e-bike that can be used on any trail, the full suspension Trax design gives riders even more options for riding styles.

solid fat crowns

For better grip, the powerful Trax is fitted with fat, puncture-resistant tires. They can navigate various difficult terrains, which they offer better on the road. It also offers some chunky tire cushions that smooth out bumps in the road, making for an overall smoother ride when combined with the suspension. So Trax will let you start your journey in comfort, whether it’s a road trip or a mountain climb.


The drive is equipped with a 9-speed Shimano drivetrain. This makes it simple to maneuver at high speed to climb challenging hills, giving the bike enough power to perform efficiently. While exercising on the bike, you can adjust the cadence through the drive system. It allows riders to adjust the speed setting more easily with the push of a button. Also, the pedal assist mode is useful for customizing your riding pace.

Color backlit LED display

With a full-color back screen, it clearly monitors mileage, cycling data, remaining battery power, and other information. The backlight design allows you to read information clearly in dark driving conditions so you can drive safer.

Safe water targets

Mechanical brakes are less sensitive than hydraulic brakes and offer less stopping power. Trax TLogan has chosen premium hydraulic brakes that increase road safety, allowing the bike to react faster to dangerous situations and shorten sliding distances.

Application scenarios

The Trax is an all-terrain bike that is capable of exploring a wide range of terrain. For urban driving conditions, Trax offers improved efficiency, helping commuters save time and money. Exciting mountain rides are more enjoyable for mountain bikers. Using the powerful Trax in high speed mode, riders can climb the mountain more easily. Whether you’re out in the cold, snowy weather, or ready to hit the sandy beach to watch the waves roll in, Trax can take you through life’s endless excitement.

Powerful and exceptional performance

First, Trax’s solid performance heralds it as a powerful addition to the Cyrusher class. It was produced to offer more riders a better selection of models. Built on basic elements, it gives people the freedom to explore different driving scenarios and experience different pleasures in life. The drivetrain is designed for a comfortable driving experience and safe driving conditions, for example with hydraulic brakes working harder. In addition, it has led lights in the front and back that allow you to see in dark conditions and widen your view of the road.

inclusive framework

Its overall frame structure is constructed from aluminum material 6061 with full suspension, this improves the overall stability and durability of the drive. The frame provides a certain amount of shock to improve riding comfort. The whole frame has a step-through construction, which makes it easy for riders to get on the bike at times and makes it a very friendly model for riders with leg problems.

User-friendly frame design

The electric road bike craze is taking the market by storm, but what sets the Trax apart from the rest is its distinctive design. The white color options, with its original graffiti design, and the spring air body color-part design, make it stand out in the market of similar designs and offer a mixture of aesthetic colors. Since the Trax is available in four color options (orange, blue, white, and gray), it’s also very appealing to those who prefer a more consistent color scheme.

Reliable after-sales guarantee

Whether the product is covered by its warranty, Trax offers a two-part warranty. This gives customers the added security of a worry-free journey after purchase. An electrically assisted bicycle is a mode of transportation that requires a high level of quality, and Trax’s powerful, high-end performance will make it a great choice for customers.

An environmentally friendly warrior

In addition to being a powerful off-road electric bike that meets the daily needs of riders, Trax is also an environmentally conscious warrior with a goal of reducing carbon emissions. Trax can replace cars for short commutes, thus reducing the demand for petrochemical fuels and helping to reduce carbon emissions and recycle clean energy. It can be used in a variety of scenarios and for environmental enthusiasts, it is certainly a worthwhile option.

price point

The price of the truck is $2799. After comparing Trax parameters to other models, this is a great value for money option. Trax brings convenience to your life while helping you lead a positive lifestyle. If you are interested in Trax, you can read more on the website.

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Thus, the Cyrusher Trax is the best hybrid electric road bike in the 2013 edition of the electric bike in 2023 with performance parameters, unique aesthetics, and equipped with powerful performance components.

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