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Da Vinci revolutionized the operating room: “All surgeries in the future will be assisted by robots”

Technology is advancing in our society by leaps and bounds and medicine is no stranger to changes that improve the quality of life of people. Dr. José Hériberto Amon Cesmero, specialist in robotic surgery, pioneers the unstoppable development of technology: “In the future, all surgery will be assisted by robots.”

Da Vinci Robot was launched in the market in 1999. Following its approval by the Food and Drug Administration in the United States a year later, it has established itself as a practical tool increasingly used by professionals. The device itself consists of a high-quality visualization system and a cabin composed of four robotic arms with which to operate on patients.

Jose Hériberto Amon Cesmero, in addition to being the director of the Recoletas Urological Institute in Valladolid, is the coordinator of robotic surgery. Experts in this attach importance to progress in recent years. “We are at a critical juncture. There will be a radical change in the way we understand postoperative surgery, especially minimally invasive surgery, which is what we have been doing over the past three decades. Reengineering all laparoscopic procedures more safely and accurately. can be offered.”

In 2005, the Puigwart Foundation conducted the first operation using this method. Previously, the domain focused on laparoscopic surgery. “Da Vinci Robot” perhaps the most sophisticated surgical technique which is present. It is a slave robot that relies on surgeon’s experience. This always enhances the precision and skill that the surgeon has while operating and of course maximizes safety in terms of sterility. It is performed in an environment of complete sterility, more or less than conventional or laparoscopic surgery”, said Dr. Amon.

All this under an advanced framework that improves the postoperative period of patients who decide to undergo surgery under this system. “It’s minimally invasive, but even more so than laparoscopic. It has a huge advantage in terms of the accuracy with which we can work because there is less blood loss, more preservation of anatomical structures and, therefore, complications.” Reduced risk of complications, significantly reduce the rate of complications. There is less blood loss, less transfusion requirement and risk of complications and this translates into shorter postoperative period. Shorter hospital stay and rapid recovery for the patient to normal life.”

Like any change, it has sparked controversy between supporters and opponents of the system. According to data provided by its provider, ABEX, there have been approximately 65,000 operations in Spain since 2005, of which 350 are in León. ,Robotic surgery is here to stay. Previously there were critics and detractors, today the scientific evidence is so strong that it is undeniable that robotic surgery is superior to laparoscopic and conventional surgery. at the moment we have more than 10,000 studies In the world, there are many of them comparable, demonstrating the advantages of robots. Therefore, what may have been a reason for discussion a few years ago is an undeniable reality today.” Thus, the da Vinci robot is a reality in our lives today: “In the future, all surgeries will be assisted by robots. We say can we have a technology that will move forward.This is in Spain at the moment More than 100 robotic platforms are in operation,

Despite the doubts raised, the treatment between doctor and patient does not change: “When a patient decides to have robotic surgery, it is because he has been diagnosed, he has exchanged impressions with his doctor. and by mutual consent they have agreed to undergo this type of surgery. Surgery. The relationship with the patient is not lost. From a technical point of view, it may be more advanced than other types of surgery, but the relationship is the same. Robots There is a doctor behind the back who talks to his patient and is aware of the postoperative period, surgical evolution etc. It is all like traditional surgery”, said the doctor.

Since its commercialization, it has revolutionized the way it operates. One is in Valladolid at the Recoletas Hospital and the other in Leon. Soon they will expand to a third party at their headquarters in Burgos. And that’s it, the amount is estimated to be disbursement of more than two million euros. “Right now we have 5-6 platforms in the market. This avalanche of different robots emphasizes that robotic surgery is expanding and is going to grow more and more”, the surgeon underlined.

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