Daddy Yankee confesses what his father suffers from

Daddy Yankee confesses what his father suffers from

Puerto rican singer Ramon Luis Ayala Rodriguez Known in the artistic world as Daddy Yankee, he established himself for many years as the greatest reference of urban style, however, in 2023 he decided to retire from the stage to devote his life to his religion and his family. decided to.

Daddy Yankee announces his support for a foundation in his country

The artist has been focusing on his new lifestyle, where he has made several announcements about what he wants for his life in 2024. One of those plans is to become part of a foundation in Puerto Rico that fights childhood cancer.

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He made this announcement through his social networks where he proudly shared the new project that he will launch with this foundation in his country: “Hello family, I am Raymond Ayala. First of all, I would like to thank my late father and my people at CAP for letting me be a part of this new adventure, being the captain of this foundation, what a great honor it is. “

Daddy Yankee took the opportunity to express his gratitude and appreciation to all the people who take care of cancer patients and also said that he and his family know about this disease since his father was diagnosed with it.

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Daddy Yankee confesses that his father has cancer

After his greetings and thanks, the artist assured that this initiative was born in his life as a mark of respect for his father, who is fighting this difficult disease.

“Honoring my father, that we are also going through cancer trials with my father, it has also impacted my family, which has allowed me to live and know what it is like to have someone with this condition. It happens.”

In his revelation, the artist honestly expressed how the condition has affected him and his family, what it is like to live with a person suffering from this disease.

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Following his revelation, the artist has received numerous messages of support and affection from his fans and colleagues, who have assured him that his work will be rewarded.


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