Dakota Johnson did not like working on The Office series; explain why

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Who have seen the series Office Surely she liked one or more of the episodes, but the one who doesn’t agree so much is the actress Jade Dakota Johnson, The artist revealed it there acted out in one of the chapters and the worst of his career As he commented on Seth Meyers’ television show.

maybe some fans Office Don’t know that actress, dakota johnson attended in one of episode There is another reason for this series, due to which he angered the actress, who revealed what. much worse What has he done in his career?

Why was Dakota Johnson upset by an episode of The Office?

According to what the actress revealed, who was invited to make Cameo in the final episode of the series The main reason for his trouble while acting Office The reason for this was the time taken to record the episode.

“They asked me if I wanted to be in the farewell episode, and I said, ‘Yes, of course’, thinking it would take me half a day. In the end, I was there for two weeks and I was practically not on screen,” he commented.

Apart from the time it took to record the last chapter of Office, in which only appeared a few minutes It’s like a new work colleague, dakota johnson He confessed that the atmosphere was tense between the actors and he even ignored them; So that was another reason to hate working on the series.

“Some didn’t talk to each other. Obviously, no one wanted to talk to me,” Dakota Johnson said.

Although the relationship between the members of Office As per the admission of, it seems that there were some hostile interactions between the actors dakota johnson, It is certain that he was one of worst Projects in which the actress has worked, who is now debuting as a superhero with the film ‘Madame Web’.

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