Dangerous disease for which there is no cure

well done bull

There are many brave cattle keepers whose legs tremble every time they do hygiene., These are moments where a lot is at stake, because these are tests prescribed by health administrations that are cumbersome and counterproductive in many cases. Cattle face extreme stress whenever they pass through the enclosure and sanitary sleeves.

one of the most dangerous diseases Near Tuberculosis caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex (CMT), Is mycobacterium avium paratuberculosis hey liver disease which has no cure From the point of view of the existence of the specimen carrying it, it is characterized by Death from irreversible weakness, diarrhea and cachexia in ruminants., The disease is caused by obligate pathogens mycobacterium avium Subspecies paratuberculosis.

Only a few carriers develop the disease clearly, which is an additional problem for the farmer.

Infection usually occurs in the first years of life, and many infected animals become long-term carriers. -As happens with the bull in the image that shows this entry affected by this disease-. Only a few carriers develop the disease overtly, usually after several years, and symptoms can be confused with other diseases, which is the moment in which people of the country Find illness in one or more of their animals.

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For all these reasons we wanted to talk to José Luis Algora, a renowned veterinarian so that he could tell us more about this topic. “This is a disease that directly affects the large intestine, causing the aforementioned diarrhea in the animal, which then infects its siblings through loose stools – the place where the bacteria are found – which may either be on the ground or fall on or over food that other animals share the enclosure with«, said the veterinarian for this medium.

Jose Luis Algora: “The fastest way to deal with this problem is to clean up the entire livestock farm”

“Since there is no cure, the fastest way to deal with this problem is to deworm all animals and destroy any hornets that test positive.«, the man from Madrid told us again, who, together with Julio Fernández, is the head veterinarian of this portal.

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As we have already mentioned in the opening paragraph, there is no cure to cure the disease, but there is a way to save time and not lose the animal in a few weeks. Therefore, a Caceres Laboratory has created a powder (yeast) that helps alleviate the disease for a period of time Limited The animal is fattened and auctioned, thus enabling it to be sold in the market.


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