Dani Alves’ alleged victim gives harrowing account of alleged rape


The young woman who accused Dani Alves of sexual assault confirmed in court on Monday that the footballer raped her in the bathroom of Barcelona’s Sutton nightclub and that she feared he would not be believed if she reported it This version is supported by two of his friends.

In the 21st section of the Barcelona Court this Monday, the trial began against a Brazilian player accused of raping a 23-year-old girl in the small bathroom of a booth in the Sutton nightclub in Barcelona, ​​where he gave her two Invited people to dance with him. Her friends in December 2022, a case for which the prosecutor’s office asked for a sentence of nine years in prison and 12 years for the private prosecution brought by the victim.

The “parallel prosecution” to which he has been subjected and because the police investigated him for weeks “behind his back”.

After ruling out any “inconsistencies” in the defendant’s right to defence, the court dismissed those charges, although it agreed at the request of his lawyer, Ines Guardiola, that the footballer would testify at the end of the trial once witnesses and experts knew all the evidence against him.

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The victim is the first to testify.

Thus, the first to testify in the trial, which is scheduled to last until this Wednesday, was the victim, in just over an hour of questioning, behind closed doors and amid extreme measures to protect her identity, and the only Alves to escape. His visual confrontation with.

In her statement, legal sources reported that she put before the Barcelona court the same story that she had put forward throughout the investigation of the case: that Alves, after urging her to enter the hospital with him, treated her with violence and a disrespectful attitude. Sexually harassed her. Narrow bathroom in a booth at Sutton Nightclub.

And she also reiterated, as she had done earlier in the investigation, that her initial reluctance to file a complaint against the footballer was convinced that no one would “believe” her.

A cousin and a friend confirmed the victim’s statement

The statement of the victim, who according to sources maintained her composure despite being unable to refrain from crying at times during interrogation, was corroborated by two young women who accompanied her to Sutton on the night of December 30, 2022, who also testified in between Gave. tears.

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The witnesses, a friend and the victim’s cousin, detailed that, since the presentations, Alves touched them with a “disgusting” attitude to the point of making them feel “uncomfortable,” although they did not imagine that this could lead to rape.

According to both witnesses, the three girls agreed to enter the booth where Alves was with a friend because he had twice invited them through a waiter to have drinks with him in that VIP area of ​​the nightclub. . Sutton, which has a small private bathroom.

Both indicated that they saw the footballer enter the door that led to the bathroom—they were unaware that it was a toilet—that his friend did so a few moments later, and that after a quarter of an hour, Alves came out. Came, and two minutes later, the victim came, with a “bad face” and urging his companions to go home.

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According to her friends, the young woman was crying “heartbroken” and said the footballer had caused her “a lot of harm,” but she was initially reluctant to report him, repeating, “I just want to go home. They’re not going to believe me.”

He added that the young woman remained in’shock’ for several days after the events, still does not want to report, and currently suffers from anxiety, barely leaving the house, feeling as if she is being watched and has lost the “joy” that used to characterize her as she becomes obsessed with “everything”.

Alves’s lawyer directed his questioning to discredit the testimony of two friends, whom he asked whether the accused and the young woman were “dancing together” before entering the bathroom and whether they saw each other. Whether he was smiling and whether he had a flirtatious attitude were questions that were raised by the court without any kind of restriction, and the witnesses answered with evasiveness.


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